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Organize Your Home by Color Coding Your kids!

I am a Mom and Step Mom to 8 children, professional organizer and pediatric nurse. My “mom” career began 26 years ago with my 4 boys. They are now ages 26 down to age 16 (no multiples). With an unfortunate divorce but wonderful remarriage, I have also taken on the role of Step Mom to a 15 year old son and now 8 year old triplets. Of our 8 children, we have 7 boys and 1 girl. (Hence the name of my family blog..neglected as it may be…Leecie Loo and 7 boys too!)
My pediatric nursing career began 28 years ago and although my Professional organizing officially started 3 years ago…I think I have been organizing from the time I was walking and talking.. {laughing!}
We do not have a large home so we need all the organizational tips that I can muster to help keep things flowing.
As a Professional Organizer, I love using colors to help organize. I began years ago color coding my children.

It works for kids young to old. This is a cubby unit that I have as my “landing station” when you first come in our door. I have to tell you that “style” does not come into play as much as function in my home. Each child has a color (and mine is the purple…and my husband has the charging station on top). The one by the door we use for several purposes. It is great for hats and mittens in the winter. Ball caps in rest of the year. When I pick up little things left out by children (no..tell me it isn’t so…my kids don’t put everything away?) I put them in the cubbies. It is then their responsibility to clean out their cubbies every week to 2 weeks. Papers they color, phone numbers of friends they bring in from school, cell phone chargers or toys from McDonald’s…this is where they go when I am cleaning up.

I also use the color coding for several other purposes. Hooks to hang up their coats, bookbags and lunch boxes. You do not have to have names on them…and they know precisely where their item goes. If you can’t find the colored hooks you want you can use colored name stickers like I did here.

Make sure you place things at their heights so they can put their own things away.
Independence is essential when you are dealing with multiples. You are not an octopus and do NOT have 8 arms to help them do everything. Using some of these methods help young children to gain independence, which in turn will help you in dealing with all that has to be done.
I have bought laundry baskets in the kids colors so separate their laundry. I have purchased toothbrushes, bathroom cups and hairbrushes, all in their colors to keep things from being mixed up.
Something as easy as color can be a great form of organizing. Give it a try!
Feel free to visit my Organizing blog called, “Organize with Sandy” and you can visit me live on Monday nights at 8:30pm est on MomTv.

See more of Sandy by checking out her family blog, and organizing blog!

What is your biggest organizational challenge? Got a helpful tip for organizing bills, clothes, toys, etc? Leave us a comment!


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  1. These tips are great! I just set up a "landing station" last weekend. One of my three-year-olds gets the idea, but the other doesn't. With only two kids, initials work well for labeling things too. Also, most of the things in our house are shared, so we split things into Mommy-and-Daddy's vs. kids'.

  2. Missy (Two Little Monkeys)

    What a great post! I love to organize but sometimes I find it hard to get started organizing! I love this "landing dock" idea! Great idea – thanks for sharing!

  3. This are some great tips. I've started color coding the twins, but not quite to this extent. One is red and the other blue (their fav colors) Lunch boxes, book bags and blankets are all color coded. Plus some other things in their room, but I am all for the landing station that is color coded – my next project!

  4. I love these tips! I love having things organized, but keeping that way is one of my biggest struggles. The color coding idea would work great with my family. Thanks for the ideas!!!

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