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Things to do with kids’ old clothes

When you have twins, used clothes attain hazardous status and the phrase “drowning in clothes” takes a whole new meaning. In just six months, my twins have gone through three sizes of clothes and accessories. Each size consists of at least 36 pieces, not counting socks, hats, blankets and shoes. It really is death by laundry.

The girls just moved up to their 6-9 months clothes and here are some options I’m looking at for dealing with their old clothes:

1. Thred up: This is a swap website where parents fill the USPS Priority mail medium sized boxes with clothes or toys and list them for swapping.

2. Local Women’s Shelter: If you can find one, they’ll certainly appreciate the donation. It’s a good idea to check their donation requirements for baby clothes first though. The one closest to me will only take new clothes – and yes, we do have clothes we never got to wear. For shame!

3. Goodwill: They have a lot of donation centers and it’s easy to go to the website and find the closest one. They will accept clean and gently used clothes

4. Consignment store: If you’re not a cheapo mama like me and you have some high-end designer items, then you may want to sell them with a local consignment store. Contact them and find out what they’ll accept before making the trip down. I once tried to take my clothes to a consignment store and lets just say they were not impressed with the quality of my closet.

5. Sell on Craigslist. I’m not a fan of this option. It seems everytime I list something on Craigslist, I get ten responses but only one serious buyer.

6. Sell on Ebay. If you’re desperate to free up some floor space and don’t mind getting a real low price for the clothes, sell them as a lot on Ebay. Be sure to account for shipping costs or you may find yourself paying someone to take your baby clothes off you (and that’s the voice of experience talking)

7. Store them. If your home is still in the stork’s address book, you may want to keep them. Buy those huge transparent storage boxes and store according to size and remember to label.

8. Parents of multiple sale. If you join the local parents of multiples club, you can sell or trade during their semi-annual sale. The rules differ according to club. You can find your nearest club here

9. Turn them into a memory quilt. There are a few talented artisans on Etsy who make quilts out of old clothes.

10. Upcycle it to family or friends.

Plenty of options to consider. Right now though, the easiest for me is 7 because every other option requires time. And time is a precious commodity when you’re drowning in laundry.


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  1. Marcia (123 blog)

    I love the phrase you use – death by laundry. It is exactly that.

    We don't even have a lot of clothes because I'm super fussy about ALL their stuff fitting in only one dresser, and still we drown in laundry.

    I donate to an orphanage our church supports and the better quality girls' clothes go to my sister's baby.

  2. Great post! I have a co- worker that I give all M&L's grown out of clothes to. Love that I giving them to someone that is very appreciative to have them. Like you there are ones that are some that are brand new, but time is a huge factor. Love tha quilt idea!

    If you don't follow Olusola's blog Twintopia I totally recommend it! She is full of great knowledge!! Yesterday she posted about buying children clothes cheap…this girl knows how to shop! Love it!

  3. MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs)

    Great post, Ms. Olusola! 🙂 🙂

    I first try to consign our girls' clothes at a big consignment sale in town, twice a year. It's a lot of work, but I have made over $100 each time (my biggest source of income in the past two years…HA!). What doesn't sell I look to give away to a couple of families in town that I know can use the clothing, or, ultimately, I donate what's left.

    It does take some organization – and definitely some time – but I like to feel like I have a good "home" for the girls' things…otherwise I think I could very easily turn into a pack rat!

    And "death by laundry"…I love it, too. Although in my house I feel like "death by dishes" is how I'm more likely to go. HA!

  4. Daisy, Roo and Two

    Oh, I love the memory quilt idea. My Mum is making one for my daughter now, and I'm sure she'll love to hear that I have one in store for each of the boys, haha!

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