Guest Blogger: Natalie Davison

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Guest Blogger: Natalie Davison

On TV sets across North America, viewers watched as a BMW X5 raced down the highway trying to escape police. While most viewers listened intently as the actors delivered the storyline, I sat on the edge of my seat, waiting to see my boys on TV for the first time. As if being a MoM wasn’t enough work, when I encountered a twins-only talent agent who could use a set of infants, I said “yes.”

I’ve learned that identical twins are very desirable as child actors and models as they can often be used to play one role. In the two parts that my boys have played, they both represented one baby. There are a few reasons that two are better than one in the world of TV. The first is the obvious- babies do what they want to do. Two babies means two chances that one baby will cooperate with the scene. Another reason that two are better than one? If someone spits up or has a poo during a scene, there is no need to stop shooting while baby is changed- there is a backup, in costume, at all times.

My husband and I discussed the idea of having our kids on TV at great length. I was extremely nervous that the days would be too long and that the boys would be uncomfortable but I was thoroughly impressed with the level of care we’ve been given on set. There are very strict rules and regulations in place regarding the treatment of children in TV and film and representatives from the actors union were on-hand to oversee the treatment of the babies.

Our first show was “Flashpoint”- a Canadian police drama that airs on Friday evenings on CTV in Canada and CBS in the US. I was given the storyline in advance to approve to ensure that I would be comfortable with the storyline as the baby in the story would be kidnapped! Once I approved the storyline, measurements were taken to make a stunt double doll of the boys. In 90% of the scenes in the show, the doll was used. In fact, the actors were not even allowed to walk from the house to the car while carrying a “real” baby- they had to use the doll.

The biggest challenge that I’ve had to deal with regarding this show in particular has been criticism about the content of the show. I was shocked at the amount of people who were appalled that I would “put my baby in a car chase” or “let them climb the tower with the baby”! The truth is that there was no baby in a car chase- the scene was filmed in studio. And there was no baby on top of a tower- it was a film trick. Not only would I not allow it, the union reps were very diligent about ensuring safe care of the boys.

Once we wrapped Flashpoint, we also did a small film that should air before Christmas 2009 and are looking forward to more possible roles in the future.

Overall, we have found the boys to enjoy the filming. They are social butterflies and love to meet new people. The entire cast and crew make such a fuss over them, it really is adorable. Plus, it’s a great way to build up those college funds because, let’s face it, we’ll need all of the help we can get.

Feel free to check them out on Flashpoint!


Thanks, Natalie, for sharing your experience with us!

Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to stop by your fellow MoMs and Dads blogs and say hi!


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  1. That was interesting to read! I had no clue about all the tricks they do in the tv industry when filming babies!!

  2. thebestthingscomeintwos

    That is so interesting! Do you plan to continue as your babies get older and more aware of what is going on?

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