Guest Blogger: Missy Gurley

My name is Missy Gurley and I am a mom to my identical twin daughters, Abby & Emma (who also happen to be momo twins.) I love to sew, paint, make hairbows and do crafts. I am so thankful to be a SAHM but I find myself always looking for different ways to keep four little hands busy. Every Tuesday, I host Tuesday Two Little Monkeys Craft Day – this is where I show a “kid-friendly” craft with an easy tutorial. Some of my favorite crafts are made by using recyclable items that most everyone has lying around. Today’s craft is another recyclable easy craft that is perfect for the summer.

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Things you will need:
Coffee filters
Washable markers
Water bottle filled with water
paper towels
1/2 black pipe cleaners

Lay out the coffee filters out flat. Let your child(ren) color the coffee filter with the markers.

Lay a few paper towels down and place colored coffee filter on top of them. Spritz with water so the marker will spread out a little.

Fold coffee filter like an accordion-style

Take the pipe cleaner & fold in half. Place the bend of the pipe cleaner in the middle coffee filter and twist the pipe cleaner.

Fan out the butterfly and curl the butterfly antennas and let butterflies dry.
You can hang these from the ceiling, tape to windows or display in flowerpots.

I have numerous other kid-friendly crafts on my blog so be sure to check them out at

I hope you enjoy and have fun making your own Coffee Filter Butterflies!
Leave us a comment telling us your favorite kids craft!
A big thank you to Missy for showing us an easy craft project to do with our kiddos! Be sure to visit her blog and say hi!

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  1. I just LOVE Missy and her crafts! Thanks for showcasing her and this fun craft!

  2. Hey Missy is one of my favorite bloggers and this is a great craft!

  3. Yeah, Missy. She is so talented and creative. I like her blog a lot.

  4. I love Missy's blog….she always posts the sweetest pics of her girls!!

    What a fun craft…and we actually have all that stuff to make the butterflies with!! Yeah!

  5. Very cute! Can't wait til my girls are old enough to do this kind of stuff!

  6. Missy (Two Little Monkeys)

    Thank you for asking me to be a guest blogger today! I am honored! I hope everyone enjoys the craft and the ease of making it. Thanks again!!!

  7. Great idea! I will be trying this one today since I can do it on bed rest!

    Thanks for the idea. 🙂

  8. Dianna@KennedyAdventures

    YAY! Awesome to see Missy spotlighted here! Go girl!

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