Guest Blogger: Melissa A. on Sleep Deprivation

This week’s guest blogger is Melissa, of Bumblebee Grace! Amazingly, from the trenches of taking care of newborn multiples, she has emerged to give our expecting moms a taste of what those first few weeks (ok, months) are like, and to take the rest of us on a little trip down memory lane.. or lack of memory lane, as the case may be..

Yesterday, I could not remember my zip code; a feat I had not accomplished since I was kindergarten. Yes, I’ll freely admit that having twins 3 weeks ago has caused me to regress to the level of a five year old. I was not adequately informed of the effects of sleep deprivation, so I figured I’d share the dangers with you before I completely loose my mind.

Exhibit A: During our first week home, I crawled back in bed after consoling one of the girls to find my husband hitting himself in his sleep. Derek was totally beating the tar out of his shoulder and snoring at the same time. I looked at him quizzically and then realized he was burping an invisible baby. I would have laughed until I cried had I not been so bone tired.

Exhibit B: Just about every single night I reach over to wake Derek in order to warm bottles. I inform him that I have one of the girls in bed with me so he’ll only have to grab the other girl. After about the third try at waking him, Derek will climb out of bed and start laughing. The baby I have in bed with me is invisible. The sleep deprivation causes me to somehow believe that the child has been teleported next to me just because I hear her wail over the monitor.

Exhibit C: Derek informed me last night at a 2am feeding that he needed to “mow the carpet” since I can’t do it after my c-section. Mow the carpet…. Right….

Exhibit D: As I’m writing this post, I suddenly realize that something smells. I look down at my lap which contains two girls and wonder when I changed them last…

Now all you expecting moms have a small taste of sleep deprivation. Me… well… I ought to go change these diapers before I forget again…

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  1. Just so you know, the "invisible baby in the bed" doesn't go away for many, many years. Congrats on the twins!!

  2. i remember starting a sentence and forgetting my words to finish it!

  3. One I had a fair amount and that I've heard of other parents of multiples having is desperately trying to find the other babies in the middle of the night despite you and your husband each holding a baby. In the night, the responsibility feels so overwhelming the babies multiply 😉

  4. The middle of the night delirious conversations are the best. I can't even count how many invisible babies we've dealt with.

  5. I wake up often thinking there is a baby in the bed even though they are sleeping soundly in their room. I usually freak at my husband for placing the baby at my feet (where the dog is sleeping) because I could easily kick the baby off the bed. The boys will be a year in 1 week- I don't know when this mysitcal baby in the bed thing goes away but my husband thinks I'm crazy.

  6. Ha ha! The memories. =) My husband did the burping the baby in his sleep only he tried to burp me! And my husband would also say strange things in his sleep. Just the other night he said, "I think we should hang french fries on strings around the house." Uhhhh… Sure honey!

  7. I remember at 2 months old leaving the car door wide open at the mall, not to mention leaving my keys on the bumper a few days later. I also remember carrying one of the babies into the kitchen during night feedings and I was so tired my whole body stopped and kind of shifted backwards. I almost fell over!! Hang in there!

  8. Hilarious! And oh so true!

  9. Joe -

    Me too! More than once, I would wake up grabbing for a baby in the middle of the night thinking that one was in bed with us. However, the baby was never there and I usually just ended up startling my wife.

  10. Whoa!! Funny.. but scary!! I'm not ready, yet!! Thank God I'm only 16 weeks pregnant!!

  11. I have to laugh, as my multiples are about to be 14 months old. It reminded me of many late night ramblings I had with my husband. I would wake up and yell, "OMG, (insert one of their names) where is she? Did she fall out of the bed?" Nope, sleeping soundly in her bassinet. It gets better, it does. The first few months are a blur.

  12. This is SO funny because my boys are 12 weeks old now and we have experienced all of these things!! I would catch my husband sleep walking and "holding a baby" MANY nights. One night he came out of the nursery in a panic because there were "already two babies in there!"

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