Guest Blogger: Megan Williams

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Guest Blogger: Megan Williams

Having triplets…not much else can be busier and at the same time, more fun! Finding out you’re pregnant again when your triplets are just 9 months old…not much else can be scarier and at the same time, more of a delightful surprise! Finding out that one of your 4 children under 2 has cancer…nothing else in my life has been more horrifying and at the same time nothing else in my life has taught me greater lessons.

My husband and I are proud parents to Eli, Cara, Brady (age 2) and Allison (age 7 months). We had a great little life; two boys, two girls, and a fenced-in yard with a swing set. Although exhausted much of the time, we certainly couldn’t ask for more in the blessing department! Suddenly on January 21, 2009 of this year everything came crashing down around us in pieces. Every ounce of happiness in our lives was threatened with just four words, “Your son has cancer.” You can read the whole story of Brady’s journey with Neuroblastoma on my blog, I thought that instead of telling you about his journey with cancer (although an amazing story) I would tell you about the ways in which I have seen the world a little differently now that I have faced a life and death situation with one of my children. Here it goes:

Without my faith in God, I would be a lost, cynical woman. The power of prayer, the promise of God’s love for my family, and the hope I find day after day in His plan for my life has been the only reason that I have been able to overcome the fear and anger I have dealt with since Brady’s diagnosis.

Accepting help from others is a difficult pill to swallow, but seeing the goodness in the hearts of so many has truly changed our lives. We have watched our small community band together to support us through this trying time. From donations, to meals 4 times a week throughout Brady’s treatment, to a surprise visit from the Easter bunny, it has been remarkable to see people use their gifts and talents to help our family.

Doctors are not God. They are incredibly wise and talented people; however, it is MY job to advocate for my children and what is in their best interest. My husband and I have had to fight and speak up every step of the way in this journey. At first we couldn’t get anyone to listen to us that something was wrong, then we had to fight to get thorough testing done, then we literally had to seek out the best treatment option ourselves. I hope that someone reading this will be reminded that they are their child’s best advocate and it is OKAY to question doctors and it is OKAY to disagree with doctors…it is our job!!

Having 4 children 2 and under, one with cancer has totally changed my perspective on what is difficult in life. You might expect me to say that I have it really bad given our situation, harder than other moms of multiples, and maybe that is true. But, meeting parents of children who have lost their battle with cancer and seeing children who are dying of cancer has made me realize that if you have your family and your health, no matter the circumstances, then you should count yourself blessed.

Our world is full of amazing people! By starting to blog and through our travels to NYC for Brady’s treatment, we have met hundreds of incredible people from all over the world. Certainly there is a lot going on around the globe today that would make even the most optimistic among us stop and cringe. But our family can testify to the wonderful kindness we have seen in the hearts of others. Throughout this dark time in our lives, we have been blessed by so many who just reach out and offer to help us in big and small ways.

Having a child with cancer is unimaginable. Being forever changed by the life lessons I have learned and seeing incredible goodness in so many around us is unforgettable.

“In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.”

-Mother Teresa

Our heartfelt thanks go to Megan for sharing her experience and insight with us today. Please stop by Megan’s blog, Steps for Brady to read more about her beautiful family!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. I am so glad Megan shared her story. She is an amazing woman, and Brady is one amazing kiddo!

  2. What an amazing mom! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Becky @ Our Sweet Peas

    Wow! There is such truth in this! Beautiful post!

  4. Wow what a story. I am off to check out their blog.

  5. Wow, she's very inspirational! She has an amazing outlook on everything going on in her life!

  6. wow, what a family!!!

  7. Megan and Matt are faithful parents that understand that they are their children's best advocates. They rely on the Holy Spirit for graces and support. It has been my blessings to know them and be part of their faithful journey. Please stop by and read their blog.

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