Guest Blogger: Helen of Curly Birds

Curly Birds on Bloesem Kids – Hot Air Balloon 

For some reason, I thought of making a hot air balloon out of a helium balloon back in January. But it was way too cold and I had to wait until the spring to make it. I’ve been dreaming and waiting for the perfect day… And it was worth the wait. This has to be one of the girls’ and my very favourite crafts. Check out Bloesem Kids for how to make one yourself.

Although this craft only lasts a day, it is well worth doing – it provides HOURS of fun and is really quite magical. By using a really big balloon and adding a weight (or toy) to the basket you are able to control the balloon so it rises ever so slowly and always comes back down. Even a slight wind will make this balloon take off on an adventure.

And here is poor Kira when her balloon went on said adventure…

But not to worry – the trick is to find a toy that is just heavy enough to always bring the balloon back down to earth. And Kira spent the rest of the afternoon playing with her hot air balloon!


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