Guest Blogger, Christina W: Juggling Childcare Arrangements

I am Christina, a single SAHM(unless a work shift is available)

A little background: I found out during an emergency U/S at 6 weeks gestation that I was carrying twins. At 7 weeks gestation I became a single Mom. Although I had used daycare in the past I had to throw myself back into the daycare world.

In the past I have used both licensed facilities and private daycares. This time around I had to juggle the logistics of a child with dysphasia (swallowing disorder); I needed to find a provider willing to care for her and not be scarred during feeds, at the time she was 15 months old. There was also the logistics of care for all the kids when I was to be shipped out to deliver. (No family to help out)

I had multiple choices and this time to help cover my childcare costs while out of town delivering the twins I opted to go with a Licensed Not Required setting (in essence friends who could accommodate my departure). My youngest at the time would be the only child attending daycare before my departure. The older kids were set to go to Carol’s and K’s house.

But my 2 year old was left in limbo no one was comfortable with providing her care. During a team meeting through her EI it left us with few ideas until a friend of mine, a registered foster parent, stepped forward and agreed to work with me. We would apply for childcare subsidy on medical grounds. Child care subsidies are income based aids from the government and vary widely by countries, provinces, and states.
Group Childcare facilities and Licensed facilities can direct you to the appropriate contacts.

By using a LNR(License Not Required) setting I was flexible in my hours, at that point I was unable to work so set hours where only needed for appointments. It did give me a break when I needed it during my high risk pregnancy.

At the beginning of February my Mommy gut told me I needed to get a second opinion I knew something was wrong, and thus plan A took effect, within 24 hours of my decision being made against my local OB(who refused to delivery me) my kids went to Carol’s(6 year old Allie) K’s(8year old CoCo and J’s(Got Grant).

I used a fulltime subsidy for all the kids while I was gone, and it covered 1/3 of the cost. The remainder was paid by me monthly while I was gone. The kids were in great hands, they knew who was caring for them and I knew they were in great hands. It was a struggle as I was gone for over 7 weeks, but the choice to go south saved my life and the lives of my twins.

Mid March after 5 weeks inpatient, multiple blood transfusion and no idea why I was losing blood (no obvious signs except a hardened uterus on one side) I was allowed to deliver as I had reached 34 weeks, a c-section was out of the question. Julie-Ann was born first followed 45 minutes later by Kendryk. Approximately 5 minutes before Kendryk was born it was realized Julie-Ann’s placenta had abrupted and was being delivered while still attached to Kendryk’s which was now partly abrupted 2 minutes prior they lost her HR and I was being prepped for a crash section(I was on the OR table already) Kendryk was born vaginally but my “feeder and grower” was on life support. Our hospital had never before seen this complication during a delivery.

That leads me to my child care set up now. My work hours can vary as I work part time, on a call out basis. I need childcare for the kids that fits my schedule. The big kids have the use of an out of school program on school grounds. Grant, Julie-Ann, and Kendryk all still go to a LNR setting and still with J! Grant no longer has dysphasia and will begin preschool in the fall. Julie-Ann is a normal lazy happy 10 month old. Kendryk is a super hyper active, hypertonic and all that goes with it baby.

All three go on an as needed basis. The twins remain on waitlists for regular child care. Kendryk is waitlisted for supported child development (Not EI) they assist with extra funds to allow an extra staff member if needed when a space opens up. Being designated with special needs can incur extra costs in a regular child care setting, her subsidy allows an extra $150. Depending on the center this may or may not be enough.

Everyone’s childcare needs are different, best options when looking into childcare for a SN child are question asking:

Ask what protocols are in place at the provider for SN kids.
Will the provider be willing to work with EI(Early Intervention) SLP, OT, and PT’s?( Ours travels to us and will go to the center)
Will there be extra costs?
Will my child’s needs be met, and how?(Allie, now 7, never needed extra support even though she was in bracing and casting for 2.5 years other than a walker and her bracing she did everything herself but pre planning still had to be done)
What type of SN have they dealt with?
What can be done to help the center be more comfortable with my child?
Will you keep my multiples together or apart(all depending on family’s choice)?
And any other questions you may have.

I hope this can give you a little insight, I am more than willing to take more in-depth question you might have!

Thanks to Christina for sharing your experience with us!
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  1. Thanks for the tips on childcare providers…

  2. What an amazing story. You have certainly been through a lot as a single mom. Thank you for the tips!

  3. Thanks for the tips. I'll be sure to pass them along if I can.

  4. Mommy2Twinkies-Deb

    That is a lot. Great tips.

  5. Christina, you're an inspiration. My daughter's dysphasia was very minor (2 months of therapy resolved it), but I moved her to a different daycare provider in large part because her teacher refused to work with us on it. Fortunately, we had a fantastic place in our back pocket, and our two incomes meant that cost wasn't really an issue.

    You are obviously a wonderful mom who has had to make a lot of sacrifices for your children, and I say brava.

  6. Dianna@KennedyAdventures

    Wow! I can't imagine. I was a single mom, only to one, for a number of years. It's SUCH hard work!

  7. Wow, amazing story. Thanks for sharing those tips.

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