Great Birthday Ideas for Twins

Planning a party for a birthday boy or birthday girl can be a tough task. Planning a party for twins can sometimes seem impossible. Between choosing a theme, making sure both children get to invite the same number of friends and keeping them both entertained; party planning for twins is like the Mt. Everest of my business. Fortunately, there are still great themes that cater perfectly to boy-boy, girl-girl and girl-boy duos.

Superman and Superwoman

This is a great theme for anyone who loves comic books or video games. It is easy to spin this theme off into Batman and Cat woman or any other boy-girl crime-fighting duo. Invite the other children to dress up as their favorite superhero and have a costume contest.

Mario and Luigi

This is a great boy-boy party that has been a great success with a lot of my friends. Turn your children’s birthday party into a celebration of one of the most revered video game duos of all time. Throw a Mario birthday party with balloons, cake and party favors. You can also set up a Wii or Nintendo gaming console and let the kids compete in the game.

Birthday Ideas for Twins


What girl doesn’t want to feel like a princess on their birthday? Let the kids dress up and make their own craft tiaras from construction paper, glue, jewels and glitter. Consider letting the kids watch a Disney classic like Little Mermaid or The Princess and the Frog while working on their crafts.

Throwing a party for twins doesn’t have to be impossible. You can get creative with the idea and if these ideas don’t do it for you, consider something like a pool party or a carnival party that will allow everyone to get in on the fun. The key is to show the same amount of attention to both kids. If you can do that, you’ll have the foundation set for a great birthday party.

Other ideas are:

  • Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse
  • Pirate and Princess
  • Thing 1 and Thing 2
  • Dora & Diego

What Birthday theme ideas did you have for your Twins birthday?

Birthday Ideas for Twins

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  1. I did a Elmo and Abby themed birthday when my twins turned two.

    I have seen rainbow themed and monkeys as themes as well.

    For the most recent birthday (3) they picked (Cars and Princess Tiana) and I found a baker to combine the two themes on one cake.

  2. I did a thing one and thing two first birthday party for my twin boys. The theme was so fun!!! Their older sister was “Sally” and if I had time I would have made their daddy cat in the hat 😉

    I’m now planning their second birthday (crazy!)

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