Go, Diego, Go! Review and Giveaway

Normally Friday’s are for guest bloggers, but we thought we would host another giveaway (fun surprise, right?).

I got to preview the new Go, Diego, Go!: The Great Panda Adventure before it’s release date on May 4th. My kiddos are huge Diego and Dora fans and this DVD did not disappoint! The DVD features four brand new episodes as well as two bonus Fresh Beat Band videos. Here are the four episodes with a brief description:

All Aboard The Giant Panda Express
Diego and Baby Jaguar are helping their friend, Yang, the Giant Panda Rescuer, at Bamboo Mountain in China, where lots of bamboo has just been planted. Their mission is to take a train ride to pick up all of the hungry pandas and bring them back to Bamboo Mountain as bamboo is the Giant Panda’s favorite food! Along the way, they keep Pan Pan the Giant Panda from falling over the mountain, find Grandpa Panda camouflaged in the snowy filed, use panda gloves to climb the tallest tree in the forest to find Baby Panda and growl like Giant Pandas to save the panda twins from leopards. They’ve got to hurry because there’s a train full of hungry Giant Pandas and only one food will do – bamboo!

Koala’s Birthday Hug
Diego’s in an Australian Forest when suddenly he hears a cry for help. It’s a koala who’s stuck in the middle of the road, with a truck headed right for him! Diego rescues the little koala and learns that today is Joey the Koala’s birthday. He must help Joey get back to his mommy and celebrate his birthday.

Leaping Lemurs
Diego and Baby Jaguar are returning a group of animals to their home in Madagascar. But one animal, Sara the Sifaka Lemur, hasn’t been home in such a long time, that she can’t remember how to get there. To find her home, the trio travels through the island meeting many lemur friends until they finally catch up to Sara’s family.

Diego Saves the Beavers
Diego and his friend, Billy the Beaver, are in the Canadian Rockies helping all of the river animals keep their homes safe from an overflowing river. They are interrupted when Alicia calls to say a giant wave is heading straight for Billy the Beaver’s family! The duo race to make it to the Beaver Dam before the giant wave hits.

My kids loved this DVD (maybe more than the Dora one)! I think the panda episode is their favorite, but all four are great for the whole family! I love that Diego is very interactive and teaches your kids about new animals as well as the Spanish language.

Three lucky readers will win their own copy of Go, Diego, Go! The Great Panda Adventure. For a required entry simply tell us why you like Diego.

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The winners will be announced Wednesday, May 12th. Good luck everyone!


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  1. I like Diego because he is bilingual and my girls love it.

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  6. I like Diego because my kids learn so much about animals.

  7. I'm a follower!

  8. liked M&M on FB

  9. liked Nick Jr on FB

  10. I like the "active watching" component of Diego. My kids are on their feet, interacting with one another, and learning, when they watch Diego. Also, there's a little less yelling than in Dora. 🙂

  11. I like Diego, even though I have to listen to Diego commentary from my 3 yr old 24/7. He's obsessed. Everything is Diego now. But at least Diego fits in w/ our family philosophy of getting outdoors and exploring on a daily basis 🙂

  12. I'm a follower

  13. I like you on fb

  14. I'm off to tweet.

  15. follower of the blog

  16. "like" Nick Jr. on Facebook

  17. Like Multiples and More on Facebook

  18. Love Diego because we always learn so much about the different animals he helps.

  19. I love Diego b/c he teaches my kids about animals and my kids learn Spanish from his show.

  20. I am a follower

  21. I follow Mult and More on Twitter

  22. I follow Nick Jr on Twitter.

  23. My son LOVES Diego. And Dora! What a great giveaway!

  24. Follow you on Twitter @ShannaEAnderson

  25. I joined the Multiples and More Blog Network
    on Facebook.. Not sure if that was the fan page. Couldn't find that. LOL.

  26. I like Diego because the program keeps my childrens' attention while teaching them respect for animals and Spanish.

  27. I'm a follower!

  28. I'm a FB Fan!

  29. Follow Nick JR on Twitter

  30. We love Diego because my son is really into animals. He has multiple diego play sets!

  31. I am a follower

  32. Charity Donovan

    I love Diego because it teaches my kiddos about animals. Nathan is always talking about Pygmy Marmoset monkeys & it CRACKS ME UP!!!

    charityd AT centurytel DOT net

  33. Charity Donovan

    I follow.

    charityd AT centurytel DOT net

  34. Charity Donovan

    like on fb

    charityd AT centurytel DOT net

  35. While I wouldn't say that I love Diego, my son has always been a huge fan!

  36. I am a follower.

  37. I love it because my kids love it 🙂

  38. We love Diego here! We love learning new animals as well as a Spanish word here and there!

  39. I follow M & M!!

  40. I'm a M&M fan on facebook

  41. I love Diego because it's so interactive! My boy is braver after watching it. I also LOVE the bits with the bobo brothers. I love that they teach kids how to deal with bullies assertively and without becoming enemies.

    I think most of the bullies kids encounter, don't realize they're being mean.

  42. I'm a M&M follower!

  43. I followed M&M on Twitter

  44. I love Diego! He teaches my boys about animals, builds excitment about learning, and keeps them moving and talking while the are watching 🙂

  45. I'm a follower of Multiples and More!!

  46. We love Diego because of the animals and of course because we get to pick up a bit of Spanish as we enjoy the action of the show. The boys are huge fans:) Looking forward to the DVD!

  47. Barbara Manatee

    My kids love Diego and I like that they learn about animals!

  48. Barbara Manatee

    I'm a follower of M&M!

  49. Barbara Manatee

    I am also a Facebook fan of M&M

  50. Barbara Manatee

    I also follow M&M on twitter!

  51. My girls have learned a lot about animals as well as vocabulary from Diego that I never would have thought to teach them. They know how to say anaconda and hippopotamus!

  52. I'm a FB Fan of Multiples and More…I mean I Like you guys…when did it become Like, anyways?

  53. I follow your blog!

  54. Following you on Twitter @steph2pigs

  55. Liked Nick Jr on FB

  56. I like Diego because I have two boys and it's nice to have a male character who isn't fighting!!

  57. I'm a follower on GFC!
    winnieayala at yahoo dot com

  58. I like Diego because he is bilingual and my boy love it.

  59. Like Nick Jr. on Facebook

  60. We like Diego because of the animals


  61. Following you on twitter @pxie13sweeps


  62. I like it because my son likes to learn about animals on it.


  63. I follow multiples and more on twitter as kmayans


  64. I follow nickjr on twitter as kmayans

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