Getting Inspired: My Journey to 26.2

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Happy Saturday, guys! Lani here- Today I am going to abuse my power as a contributor to this blog, and talk about how a fellow triplet mom has inspired me to do something great. For charity, for myself, and for my family. In the process, I hope to inspire a few others, too.

A few weeks ago I found out that a family member has been diagnosed with Lymphoma, a serious blood cancer. She is a young mom, married, with a 7 year old daughter. When you hear this kind of news, the feeling that resounds the loudest is helplessness. Short of going to medical school and embarking on cancer research, there isn’t much I can do to help. I have triplets, and because of that I think people don’t expect me to be able to do much.. but I still want to.

Couple this feeling with the inertia of my life for the past 17 months, and you have the recipe for someone who is ready to do something.. something BIG. I am intensely grateful for my three children, but the truth is that since we had them, I haven’t exactly done much for myself. It’s tough to focus on yourself when you are taking care of three babies all day, every day. I have recently come to the conclusion that letting myself fall to the bottom of the priority list on a daily basis is not doing my family any favors. I had dreams and aspirations before having kids, that have gone by the wayside, and now it’s time to start fulfilling them. For me, and for them.

In high school and college, I was an athlete, but I’ve never considered myself a real runner. Nevertheless, I have always wanted to run a marathon- you could say it’s on my “bucket” list.
A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a blog of a fellow triplet mom, Jen at The Amazing Trips. Jen has 4 year old triplets, and a one year old singleton, works outside of their home, and is midway through her training program to run/walk a marathon with Team In Training, a program run by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. In the last 2 months of fundraising, Jen and her husband raised over $10,000.00 to fund cancer research, and put an end to this incredibly unfair and painful disease. I looked at this family and thought, if they can do it, juggling four small children and careers, I can certainly do it too. Click here to learn about Jen’s motivation.

Team In Training is a comprehensive program in which its participants raise money while training for an athletic event. I have chosen to do a marathon, but you can choose to run, or walk a half marathon, triathlon, biking event, or hiking event. The program offers fundraising support, and athletic training support; you really do have a “team” to work out with for support and comraderie. Each event has its own fundraising minimum, depending on where you will be coming from and what particular event you choose. The money you raise will go towards your entry fee for the event as well as race weekend events, such as pre-race dinners, with the main portion going towards cancer research.

With advances in medical treatments through research, survival rates for Lymphoma have doubled in the last 40 years. This is great, but it’s not enough. Cancer can strike anyone, anytime. We need to do something to put a stop to to it- it’s as simple as that.

In order to participate, I will have a minumum amount of roughly $2,100.00 dollars to raise. That is a daunting task, so I have decided to start fundraising now, for a marathon next year: The Disney Marathon, 2010. I plan to send out letters, do giveaways on my blogs, and organize at least one fundraising event to reach my goal. I also started a new blog: Marathon Mom of Multiples, where you can find my first giveaway right now. There, you can follow along as I record my training and fundraising progress.

Now, I am asking you, our fabulous Multiples and More Community, to support me in my efforts to complete this life-changing task. I would love nothing more than to form a virtual team of moms of multiples, and all accomplish this achievement together, but I realize that running a marathon isn’t for everybody. But if your life or the life of someone you love has been touched by cancer, I urge you to do something.

Run (or walk) a half-marathon.

Do a cycling event.

Visit my blog, and enter my giveaways by making a donation and leaving a comment.

If you have a business, donate a product to be raffled off.

Will you support me as I embark on this journey?

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  1. I think it’s amazing that you equate doing something for yourself with a completely charitable focus. I’ll definitely support you in whatever way I can.


  2. The Amazing Trips

    Woot!! Woot!! You are going to have such an amazing experience!! My cousin – who is also doing the Rock N' Roll marathon with us – has always wanted to do the Disney marathon > so she might be out there, too!!

    You can do this. You can definitely do this!! 🙂

  3. Good for you!! And what a great cause.

    I was a runner before triplets but haven’t been able to get back into a consistent schedule. My husband ran the Disney marathon in Jan. 2006 (I was pregnant with Abigail) – it was a really fun marathon. You’ll have a fantastic time!

  4. Wow!!! what a wonderful way for you give give back to yourself and others!
    we walk 5 miles tomorrow for the March of Dimes. Our team has raised almost $8,000.00!!

  5. Good for you!!! I’d love to do something like that but my knees simply won’t allow it.

  6. I just ran across this site today. How great it is! And your story is inspiring. Many people assume that because of my children I cannot or do not want to help. Your story reminds me that it is important to help others, both for myself and for my children to be able to develop a heart to help others as well. Thank you!

  7. That is great Lani!!!! I will be checking to see your progress!!!!

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