Featured Blogger: Safire of Waterfalling Up

This weeks feature blogger is Safire of Waterfalling Up! Safire is the proud MoM of Butterfly (almost 5) and twin boys, Pirate and Professor, age 2. Safire has been an active blogger (and commenter!) for several years now and has managed to stay just as refreshing!


You’ve been writing online for 10 years (wow!) what made you start blogging?

It’s been ALMOST 10 years that I’ve been writing online. I was very active online when message boards were fairly new. And when online diaries came out, I knew I wanted one! This was before blogger. You had to apply and send in writing samples to be considered as an online diary author. I was accepted and started writing there when we were trying to have our oldest daughter, Butterfly. I wrote there for almost 3 years. Sadly, the website managed the diary section poorly. Once blogger came out, I started our story at my current blog, Living In Maryland. My husband Juice and I had just moved 2000 miles away from our families. I figured doing this blog would help us keep in touch with them. I continued to write for the parenting website through the birth of Butterfly, and then moved the story full time to the blog. Since we don’t plan on living in Maryland forever, I decided that it was time to get a permanent place on line. Actually, my brand new blog is up this week! Today’s giveaway is a gift card to Land’s End. Please come by and enter and see my new ‘baby’ I’ve been working on for almost 2 months at www.waterfalling-up.com.

How did your daughter, Butterfly, adjust to being a big sister to twins?

Butterfly was 3 weeks away from being 3 when our twins were born. (My due date was her birthday!) At first I think she was proud to be a big sister. But when they came home and Juice and I were so overwhelmed, I think she became a little put out. I had several different people stay with us for the first 4 months of the twins’ life, and that helped a little. She always had someone to play with her. I honestly don’t think she really adjusted until the boys were about 9 or 10 months old.

You had a natural childbirth with Pirate and Professor, what tips do you have for other MoM’s that are looking to do the same thing?

Prepare for the unexpected. Through the whole pregnancy, the one thing I wanted to do was to have a vaginal birth. I talked extensively to my doctors about the birth and their desires for our health. I was told as long as Baby A was head down, they would go ahead and deliver vaginally. There were a lot of prayers from me to make my boys both head down. And we were lucky that they were! I had to deliver in the OR (my doctor’s insistence) and I was induced because of pre-eclampsia. I was one day shy of 37 weeks. One thing that happened with my daughter’s birth is that she came so fast I was unable to have an epidural. I told the nurses that I wanted my epidural before they did anything to me to progress labor. It worked for about an hour. When it came time to pushing though, I still felt everything. Rats! But I think my daughter’s birth prepared me for it. Honestly I did not feel baby B being born because after pushing out A, B just kind wooshed out with one push.

I had several key things that helped me in my vaginal delivery. 1- I had had a child before. 2- Both babies were head down. 3- I had a doctor willing to work with my desires and encouraged me to want what I did. 4- I was prepared to take the c-section if that was the best for my babies. I was willing to even do a vaginal and c-section delivery if that’s what I took! 5- I was able to go almost full term.

A natural birth of twins can happen. Talk to your doctors, be informed and determined, but also be prepared for something completely different!

Butterfly is home preschooled, do you plan to continue homeschooling for her as well as the twins?

I think Butterfly is ready to go to school. I don’t plan on continuing her home schooling unless she is having a horrible time at her school. I have several friends with older children who home schooled their kids through middle school and I will offer that to Butterfly as well as the twins, when the time comes. We have had a lot of fun this past year homeschooling with good friends of ours. I’ve really enjoyed spending this last full year of her home with us being WITH her. I don’t think that her school work will be impaired in any way because I didn’t send her to a traditional pre-school. I’ve also enjoyed having the twins be exposed to school very informally along with her. I will continue to do the home preschool with the boys as their big sister goes off to public school in the fall.
What are some of your favorite things to do as a family?

We love to go on walks together or be outside. The weather here lately has been beautiful and we are soaking it all in as much as possible. When the east coast was hit with massive back to back snow storms this past winter, we got over 35 inches of snow in 3 weeks. Poor Maryland was not equipped to handle that! We spent over a week snowed in and loved every second of it. And even though it took me 45 minutes to put all of the snow gear on and even though the snow was as tall as the twins were, we were outside in it. We also love to travel. (Well, I do and the kids do but my husband does not!) Last summer we drove from Maryland to Utah in a 4 day, crazy road trip with my dad and our dog. The kids are great on airplanes and we have travelling long distances down to a science. Those grandparents need to see their grand kids! We also love to spend time being tourists in our own town. Washington DC is only about 45 minutes from our house (in good traffic, which is close to never) and we take advantage of all the cool stuff this area has to offer. There’s a lot to do here with young kids!

What question do you have for the other parents in the community?

My question is about school. How can I help my kids (and mainly Butterfly since school will start for her in the fall) have a positive school experience?


Be sure to leave your answer to Safire’s question in the comment section, then head over to Waterfalling Up to leave some bloggy love!


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  1. I am loving the names…Priate and Professor!! Butterfly is adorable…Seriously, could there be a better looking fam?

    I am not the best with advice for school aged kids (mine are only 20 mo), but here are my thoughts. School should be fun, and if you make learning fun…she will want to do it! Shower her with love and praise for being a fabulous person…enstill in her strong values, so she will be able to hold steadfast to your love (if she were to meet a not so nice person)to protect her.

    Have a great week!

  2. Marcia (123 blog)

    Mine are only 10 months BUT I would look for a school that suited our parenting style and beliefs.

    The only way school is going to be positive is if it gels with your beliefs and you feel comfortable leaving your kids there.

    For me, school is a little taste of what work is like and I want to instill (sp?) good ethics while they're young.

  3. Josh and Nancy

    BE INVOLVED!!! As a teacher my oldest will start in he fall as well and my twins are 2 years on Sunday. Make the choice to be involved, volunteer in your childs classroom, and make learning fun. Sounds like you have already established that with your home preschool experence.

  4. Butterfly looks sooo cute in that picture – like she's proud of her little twins 🙂

    Have an un-wind time after school…a snack and a mom who really listens to her. School tends to get your guard up even when it's a happy day. Let her have time to remember home is a safe place.

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