Featured Blogger: Ryan of The Gillaspie Girls!

This weeks featured blogger is Ryan of The Gillaspie Girls! Ryan is a stay at home Dad to all girl triplets, Rogue, Jade and Phoenix. Ryan’s blog is full of updates on the kids and what’s going on in all of their lives. Let’s get to know more about Ryan and his girls!
I know how my husband reacted to my first ultrasound and we only had twins, what was your reaction to triplets?

When we went for our first ultrasound we knew there was a possibility of twins. We had done IVF and two embryos were put in. My wife was hoping for twins, I was hoping for a singleton. The ultrasound tech asked, “How many did they put in?”….I knew from that point something was up. I sort of sat there in complete amazement at what had just transpired…the only thing that I could utter out of my mouth was “Can you please count again?”. Well from that moment on we knew our ten year plan went out the window…heck even our one hour plan had changed forever. My wife just sat on the ultrasound table just laughing and all I saw was $ dollar signs…three babies = clothes, money, food, cars (when they turn 16), colleges, weddings (we had three girls, I’m in trouble)… Just the sheer fact that I only had two arms was what perplexed me the most…how do you carry three? Everything hit me at that moment sitting there seeing three little black dots on the screen.

How long were your daughters in the NICU? What was that experience like?

Phoenix came home 3 days before 1 month then Rogue came home on the 1 month mark and Jade came home a week after. The experience was VERY emotional…we were blessed because our primary nurse was also a mother of triplets who received care in the very same NICU she was working in. You grow a special bond with the nurses who take care of your kids in there…my wife made it her goal to be at the hospital as often as possible despite the drive (45 minutes one way). She never missed a day…she always found a way to get a ride to go see the girls. The NICU nurses did a very good job of keeping us informed of everything that was going on…what each beep meant and to never stare at the monitor because it will drive you crazy and all that sort of stuff. Overall I can’t say it was a good experience but it was one we were well prepared for…we knew from the beginning that it was inevitable that our girls would spend some time in the NICU…we were able to take a tour of the NICU before they were born (highly recommended) which helped ease our minds a little about this scary place they call the NICU.

How did you come upon the decision to be a stay at home Dad?

Purely financial…well sort of. When I married my wife she told me “I am not a stay at home kind of woman, just so you know.” So from the get go I knew that things would be different…and different they are. She has a very stable job and makes decent money so there was no need to rock the boat and when it came to day care…ha, it wasn’t even feasible financially. In the end we decided, as a team, we would go against the grain and we haven’t regretted it.

What are some of your best memories from these past 5 months?

The milestones…each one has a certain milestone that stands out for me. Jade is a VERY smiley girl and knows just when to use it to get your heart to melt even when she is being stubborn during a feeding and we begin to get a little fed up she throws out that ace in the hole. Now, Rogue on the other hand doesn’t smile very much…on that I would have to take the blame, I’m not much of a smiler either. But she follows you everywhere…you move and her eyes follow right along with you. Rogue is also our BIG talker…she sits in her bed and just talks forever to herself…after feedings she sits there staring at you just talking away. Phoenix is our giggler, I have to say out of the two of us she giggles at me the most, probably because I am just one big kid.

Can you describe your daughters personalities?

Rogue is little miss chatter box and very feisty. Phoenix is kind of attention hog who get jealous when I pay attention to one of the other girls and she is very laid back. Jade is our comic relief…those smiles and she is VERY stubborn.

What is your favorite thing about being a triplet Dad?

Just the uniqueness of it all…I am in a very elite club called “multiples” and to further push that bar I am in a SUPER elite club called “stay at home dad of multiples”. The good and the bad come along with being so unique…as any parent with multiples can attest too. We deal with the constant attention we draw with our girls…but we get triple the love, triple the smiles, triple the hugs, triple the smell, ect. the list could go on and on. One of the big perks would have to be that we never have parents, of singletons, complain to us anymore about their baby.

The nursery is, in a word, awesome! How did you pick the design?

Well, yeah. I am a tattoo artist and love art in general plus my love for superheroes became the backbone for the girl’s room. It’s not your typical frou frou room at all…I painted the Superman symbol up before we knew the gender (hoping for at least a boy, oh well)…once we found out it was three girls I added the Wonder Woman symbol to make it tolerable for them. You may have noticed that the girls names aren’t what you would call ordinary (bear with me it factors into the room). We knew we wanted unique names…mine and my wife’s names are very popular so we didn’t want our girls to be one of the many (insert popular name here) in their classroom. So we chose:

Rogue – A superhero from the X-men who involuntarily absorbs the memories, physical strength, and (in the case of superpowered persons) the abilities of anyone she touches.

Jade – A superhero by birth (daughter of Green Lantern) she is able to generate green energy and shape it into constructs according to her will.

Phoenix – A superhero from the X-men who has telepathic and telekinetic powers.

We noticed with some multiples a theme occurs with the names of their children…some go with the same first letter or the names having a similar sound to them…we went a different route…yet again we went against the grain with their names and their nursery theme.

What question do you have for all the triplet parents out there?

That is a very good question…I guess it would be, what do feel has been the most difficult part of having multiples? Oh and, does anyone have a Triple Step2 Choo Choo Wagon they are looking to sell? Step 2 has stopped production of them.

A big thank you to Ryan for being our featured blogger of the week! Be sure to leave your answer to his question in the comments section and stop by The Gillaspie Girls to say hi! Hope everyone had a great and safe holiday weekend!

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  1. I stand in awe – what a great dad.

  2. Ryan…you sound like an awesome and fun dad! Your girls and wife are very lucky!

  3. What a breath of fresh air! Stay at home dads seem to get short shrift from all sides. When we discussed childcare options, we gave some serious thought to my husband becoming the full-time caregiver, but we quickly realized that group daycare was a better fit for our family. Even though husband and I both have non-parent careers on top of our parenting ones, it frustrates us both when people 1) judge us for having two careers and 2) assume that I, the mom, would be the one to stay home.

    I LOVE the girls' name choices, too!

    Nice to meet you, Ryan.

  4. I love it. I being the parent working away from home at the moment while my hubby stays home. And I love the superman/wonderwoman/xmen theme – but then again, I have three boys.

  5. All I can say is wow….I'm always impressed when I "meet" SAHD's! My husband admits he could never ever do it. He's not even sure how I manage every day.

    This was an awesome interview and the girls are absolutely precious!!!! The nursery is amazing!!

  6. urbanadventurertales

    Good for you SAHD!!! It's so refreshing to have this perspective from a man that understands what it's like to be home with multiples all day, every day.


  7. It's fun to hear a dad's perspective.

  8. Beautiful little girls, fabulous names, rockin' nursery!! Way to go stay at home dad!

  9. What a cool nursery!

    Hardest part of raising multiples? So far I'd have to say only have two arms but three kids… Or only one lap. It's especially brutal when they're not in the mood to share me!

  10. Adorable girls and what an awesome nursery! Great job superdad. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Great interview. The nursery is unique (my husband loves superheroes is trying to convince me to do the same here).


    Thats just awsome! And those girls are ADORABLE!

  13. Great interview! I'm already a reader of the blog, and I continue to be amazed!!

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