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This week we got to talk to Missy Gurley of Two little monkeys. Missy’s daughters Abby and Emma are 3 year old (and super adorable by the way!) identical twins. Missy’s blog covers everything from life with twins to arts and crafts (seriously check out her blog she makes the cutest things!). We decided to feature Missy because her girls are not only identical, they are MoMo’s as well. MoMo’s are extremely rare, and actually according to about.com they only occur in 1% of all twin pregnancies. Since neither Lani or myself have identicals we were curious and thought we should learn more about it!

When did your OB tell you that you were carrying MoMO twins?

We found out at 17 weeks that we were pregnant with our twin daughters, Abby & Emma.We did not find out about the severity of my pregnancy immediately.A few days later, I went to my perinatologistand he was the first to use the terminology MoMo.

How did you react?

The reaction to finding out I was pregnant with twin girls was a lot of emotions. I cried & laughed and my husband, P.J., was in shock. Then reality set in, I soon began to worry about handling two. And then when we found out about our daughters being momo twins – immediately we began to worry and began praying.

Did you end up seeing a perinatologist or did you stay with your OB?

Yes, I immediately began seeing a perinatologist once my OB discovered I was pregnant with my twin daughters.

What is some advice that you would give another MoM that is carrying MoMo twins?

Ask all the questions you want!I got a cold shoulder in the very beginning from my perinatologist when I was asking questions.I spoke with my OB who took care of it.My OB told me some wonderful advice – You are the Mom!You have valid questions so ask them!It is OUR job to answer them.I would also recommend finding another Momo mom (there are wonderful websites & forums available) to talk to.It helps to hear that someone else’s story and share your story!

Did you have any complications as a result of your girls being MoMo’s either during or after your pregnancy?

During pregnancy, yes. Abby & Emma never fell into the Twin-to-Twin Transfusion category but their cords did become entangled at 26 weeks which required every other day Non-Stress Tests and early delivery (32 weeks). After pregnancy, I would say the only issues (and I am not sure these are complications) were due to being born premature – staying in NICU for 16 days, a little bout with apnea, and severe acid reflux until they grew a little. But they are healthy little girls today.

Did having Mo/Mo twins result in being put on bedrest earlier in pregnancy? Were there any other special precautions taken as a result of that condition?

I was never put on bed rest (well, I was for 4 days so I could pass a kidney stone) but I worked until I had my daughters. Thankfully, my OB decided as long I wanted to work – he would allow it. The Non-Stress Tests are very necessary and the numerous ultrasounds given by my perinatologist were musts during my pregnancy.

What are the implications or concerns that arise when a determination of monozygosity is reached? What is the incidence rate of Mo/Mo twins?

The Twin-to-Twin Transfusion (TTTS) and cord entanglement are the major concerns. TTTS is where one baby takes nutrients from the other baby since they share the same placenta. And the rate for Mo/Mo’s is 1 out of 25,000.

What are some of your favorite things about being a MoM?

Good question – is there a limit on how many reasons I can list? I love being a mom – every bit of it! Ask anyone who knows me when I was younger and they will tell you that I said “I never want kids!” But now I cannot imagine my life without my children. I love being called “Mom” – it makes me smile! I love watching them grow, play, learn & become best friends. It is truly a blessing to be a mom!

You always have the cutest craft projects on your blog, what are some of your favorite crafts to do with your girls?

Thank you! I love to do any craft that incorporates learning with family fun! “A craft is family time spent together learning, creating & having fun – messes are no big deal that is what paper towels are for! My favorites crafts that we have done so far was the concrete stepping stones (given as gifts for Grandparent’s Day!), hand-painted Turkey Onesies using their handprints for Thanksgiving, and planting our flowers were fun & messy.

A big thank you to Missy for being a part of this! Be sure to check out Missy’s blog and say hi! Don’t forget to say hi to all your fellow MoM’s and Dad’s! Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Good Tuesday morning! I love Missy’s blog and am jealous of her mad crafty skills!

  2. Hay, another friend of mine! Congrats Missy!

  3. Thank you both for letting me share our story! I enjoyed answering your questions! Abby & Emma thought it "coooool" that they were on another blog!

  4. Great feature! I love Missy’s blog and her girls are just gorgeous!

  5. I am so thankful that you girls featured my sister and my beautiful neices! I know how special they all are to our family and thank you for recognizing them in the blogging family!

    Thanks Again,
    Aunt Christy

  6. Missy, those girls are adorable!

  7. Great post! Always good to educate people!

  8. This was a wonderful interview!!! Her girls are beautiful! I’m gonna go check out her blog!

  9. I love the cheerleader picture of the girls! Simply adorable!!!

  10. Great family. Can’t wait to go to her blog and see more cute pictures! Happy Tuesday!

  11. Mother of Multiples

    Great information…Oh BTW..My trips are sleeping thru the night…woo hooo

  12. Cute blog and good interview!

  13. what adorable little girls! and such a wonderful interview, filled with great information too. our girls are identical + they were afraid they were momo at first. they weren’t, but they did develop ttts.

  14. Count me amongst Missy’s fans! Those girls are so adorable, and Missy does such a wonderful job sharing slices of their lives on Two Little Monkeys.

    Thanks for helping us all get to know her a bit better!

  15. What a great interview and interesting to learn about the Momo twins. Off to check out her blog.

  16. The Myers Family

    That was a GREAT POST MISSY! I love reading your blog..and your girls are just PRECIOUS!

  17. Good job Missy. I like your interview. Your the best and I’m glad to be one of your blog friends.

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