Featured Blogger: Kirsten of OMG Triplets!

This week our Featured Blogger is Kirsten of OMG Triplets! Kirsten is the proud MoM of almost one year old GBG triplets. Let’s get to know more about Kirsten and her family!



What was your pregnancy journey like?

My pregnancy “journey” didn’t go too far – in fact, it took me straight to bed! Bed rest, that is. Like most higher-order multiple pregnancies, my pregnancy was far from normal. I have moderate endometriosis which caused fertility problems and we had tried for four years to get pregnant to no avail. After two unsuccessful attempts at IUI and one unsuccessful attempt at IVF, we decided to try another IVF round. We originally decided to transfer two embryos, but at the last minute changed our minds. We called the embryologist the night before the transfer and told her to make it three. Thankfully, all three “stuck” and we were pregnant! At 15 weeks, I had a cerclage and went on strict bed rest immediately after. The rest of my journey was mostly uneventful. I was on bed rest for 19 weeks total – nearly all of that time was spent at home in my own bed. I had lots of help from family and friends during that time and was able to keep busy with blogging, watching movies, and playing Scrabble. My husband was wonderful throughout the pregnancy – he shopped, cleaned, and went on emergency cheeseburger runs. I had to go into the hospital during my 33rd week, due to toxemia. My stay was brief – only four days – because I delivered at 34 weeks and one day. The babies missed being Halloween babies by 9 hours.

How did you react to news of triplets?

I think I was more shocked when we found out I was pregnant than when I found out I was having three! My HCG numbers climbed pretty significantly and my morning sickness was pretty bad. I had a feeling I had more than one in there. Twins, maybe…..I don’t think I would have ever guessed it was triplets, but the moment the picture came up on the ultrasound I knew it was three. I saw three big black “dots” and once the ultrasound tech checked all three sacs for heartbeats, we were so excited! I don’t think there was ever a time either one of us panicked or “freaked out” because we were having three. We were just happy to be pregnant…finally!

What was your NICU experience like?

Throughout the pregnancy, we had prepared (as prepared as one can be) ourselves for having premature babies. We knew there was a very good chance they could be born so early that they would have breathing issues and other problems. Even though they were born six weeks early, Alison, Nolan and Kate were as healthy as could be. All of our fears and all of our preparations for what might go wrong were put to rest and we were so lucky not to have to go through the NICU roller coaster. All three babies were breathing on their own and went straight to the Level II Nursery at our local hospital so they could learn how to eat and regulate their body temperature. Our trio was in the hospital a little over two weeks; Alison was the first to come home at two weeks and she was quickly followed by Nolan and Kate. We had the best possible outcome and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. With the help of our wonderful doctors, nurses and by the grace of God, we are truly blessed.

How has triplets changed your outlook on life?

We are a lot more popular now when we go out in public – it’s like we’re famous! Just being a mom has changed my outlook on everything. Before, I kept things to myself and wasn’t as social as I would have liked. Looking back, I recognize that I was very depressed before I got pregnant and keeping things bottled up was my way of coping. Now I want to share everything with everyone, maybe sometimes a little too much!
Before having the triplets, I was very independent and reluctant to ever ask anyone for help, but that quickly changed! Family and friends and sometimes complete strangers have been so generous with us and there is no way we could have made it through this year without their love and support. It has made me less selfish and more aware of the importance of reaching out to help others in any way possible. I know I am only one voice, one body, but I want to teach my children to give to others as we have been given. They will hear lots of stories about this first year and about people they don’t even know who gave of themselves.

What have been some of the best moments from this past (almost) year?
Having healthy babies was probably the best moment by far. The first month was a blur! My mom pretty much lived with us for the first few months. I think my relationship with my mom has grown stronger because of this and those moments of closeness have been very special for me. All the “firsts” have been great – the first smiles, first tooth, first crawling, first standing up – and we got to experience each first three times over. There have been so many great moments as each child has revealed more and more of his or her unique personality. In the beginning, we thought of them as a group – the triplets. I always knew these three would be special just by virtue of being triplets, but they are so special in such different and delightful ways. It’s been very exciting!

Any big first birthday plans?

It might not be big but it will be a really special day for us. We already have some great party hats for them and I know for sure that we’ll decorate with primary colors and there will be cake: three little cakes for the birthday kids and more cake for the adults! I want to make it special by surrounding them with love; the love of family and friends and we’ve been blessed with so much of that it will be a big day!

Here is Kirsten’s question for all of us:

We have a tendency to focus and “report” on the negative comments us MoM’s receive when we’re out in public with our children. What are some of the positive comments you have received from onlookers?

A big thank you to Kirsten for being our Featured Blogger! Be sure to leave your answer to her question in the comments section and don’t forget to check out OMG Triplets!


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  1. People often say to me, "You got a boy and a girl in one shot? How lucky! Now you can be done". I usually laugh and say, "I know, right?"

    http://www.motbits.com (tidbits for mothers of twins)

  2. I've never had a problem with people stopping me. I was quite a sight pushing a double stroller and pulling a shopping cart with another child, barely able to sit up. Every person was kind and had encouraging words for me … and each one said the same thing, "Wow, you have your hands full". This comment was said to us so often that my singleton (when she was old enough) would say that to anyone who stopped us … before they even got one word out …. it always made them laugh.

  3. This is so vain but I love hearing that I don't look like I have twins! As if there is a look! I usually thank them and laugh, saying they didn't know me before!

  4. We get a lot of "bless you" and "I will pray for you" and "you are so blessed," etc. I love those comments!

  5. Mandibula, I'm vain too. I'm LOVING all the "you don't look like you just had twins" comments. But I also love the "they're so beautiful" and "they have so much hair!" comments.

  6. My favourite positive comment is "you're so blessed". And I say, "thanks, we think so too".

    In South Africa, among the "black" people, babies are considered a blessing which of course they are. I'm just telling you that because the thing most "white" people say is "double trouble" which drives me bananas.

    Second favourite positive comment is "wow, a boy and a girl, you got it all done in one shot"… um, yes, we actually didn't care what we got but yes it is nice to have a boy and girl


  7. Just yesterday I took the whole crew to Target. Here I am pushing the babies in there giant quad stroller and pulling Will in the shopping cart. I was beginning to get frustrated and wishing I hadn't bothered when this lovely older lady came over and said, "Aren't you a lucky Mommy!" I even got a little choked up when I replied, "The luckiest."

  8. Aww, Beth, what a wonderful comment……and at a time when you needed a great comment like that! I went to Target last week and was pushing a two in a double and pulling a cart with Ali…..when I was getting ready to leave, a nice woman asked if she could help me to my car. I graciously took her up on her kind offer. It made my day! Us MoM's are pretty lucky aren't we???

  9. What a wonderful interview, thank you for sharing. I think my favorite comment by fair is. "how blessed and luck we are". I agree!!!

  10. Kirsten, those pictures are great!
    It always makes my day when people tell me how blessed I am or how well behaved my daughters are. My daughters may try to clobber each other at home but when we're out and about they appear to be little angels : )

  11. what a great interview! Your babies are beautiful! I love when people say "are they twins??" then followed by "you are so blessed or they are so cute,beautiful,etc?"I haven't heard a rude comment yet

  12. Great interview!

    I love this question from Kirsten too – I too like to focus on the positive comments 🙂

    One of my favorite's happened just last month. I had taken the boys to a local art fair and was towing them around in the Choo Choo when I woman stopped me and said "That's the best display I've seen all day!"

  13. oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooo cute! What cute little babies and what a fun interview!!! Love your blog
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    I hope you decided to follow me because I try to bring my readers a new and AMAZING giveaway every Monday!

  14. Great interview and great question! I try to focus on the comments about how beautiful they are and how blessed I am. When someone says that I must have my hands full, I try to say "I wouldn't have it any other way." : )

  15. I don't think we have heard too many negatives so far. Lots of comments as to how cute they are. And many people say they can't imagine having two – I just respond and say I can't imagine just having one!

    The funniest question we get repeatedly is whether they are identical. I usually smile and say "No, a boy and a girl can't be identical." My husband bites his tongue and wants to say "They are from the waist up!"

  16. My girls are fraternal, so we really only got the comments the first year when it was more obvious that they were twins. Now I'm kind of surprised when people say something! Funny how things change!

    Recently someone commented, "Wow! You're a pro!" And that made me stand up a little straighter and pat myself on the back. lol

  17. One adorable hispanic elderly man, stopped us,(which usually I don't like) and just kept shaking my hand and telling me over and over how blessed I was. It was like hewanted me to REALLY know it! Do we ever!

  18. what adorable babies!

  19. I love this post. It reminds me of our story of having triplets. Kirsten babies are adorable. Our trips are 7 1/2 yrs old. They grow up WAY TO FAST!!! Now that they are older, we don't get stopped as much. A lot of people think the boys are twins. We had some new friends over about a month ago and they started asking the kids their ages and when they all said 7, the dad thought they were pulling his leg and the kids said at the same time "We are triplets!!". It was so fun to watch the dad's reaction.

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