Featured Blogger: Kevin of Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Dad

This weeks featured blogger is Kevin of Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Dad. I’m sure you remember Kevin’s guest post that he did for us (if not, click here to refresh your memory). Let’s get to know more about Kevin and his family, shall we?

What made you decide to become a stay at home Dad?

First, it was the cost. To put the three children into a reputable daycare would have cost us more than I was bringing home in a year. So we would lose money if I kept my job. Second, the trips were two months premature and we had to be very cautious about who could come into contact with them because of RSV. If we put them into daycare, who knows what kind of viruses they would have picked up. Third, I’ve never been a big fan of daycare. I was raised in a single income family where my father worked and my mother took care of the kids and the house. Since my wife likes her job more than I liked mine, and she happened to make more than I did, we decided that I would be the one to stay home.

What was your reaction to having triplets?

I was dumbfounded. At first I didn’t know what to think. I believe my first coherent thought was “how are we going to care for three babies,” or something to that effect.

What is your favorite thing about having triplets?

Just one thing? We get three times the good stuff – kisses, hugs, giggles, I could go on and on.

What is your favorite activity (indoor and outdoor) to do with your kids?

Indoors I really enjoy chasing the kids around the house, basically playing a modified version of tag, except they like to run at me instead of away from me, and when I “tackle” them they break into hysterics. The giggles are just too cute to pass up, and when I catch one, the others pile on top of us. They really enjoy it. It’s a lot of fun.

Outdoors I like to just sit and watch them play. My parents just bought them a swing set and they really enjoy that right now. I love watching how they interact with each other. It’s really quite fascinating.

I saw on your blog a post about a Missouri Rep. who tried to pass a bill that would pay SAHM’s $600 a year until the kids turned 16, but not SAHDs. Do you know what has happened with this? Do you know if they have finally added SAHD’s as well?

To be honest, I really don’t know how that turned out. That was one of my first posts, and I was still feeling out what I wanted my blog to be exactly. I’ve decided that the blog should focus on the kids, not on SAHD issues or politics. I’ll leave that to the politicians and activists. I want people to read my blog and laugh and enjoy the pictures and videos, not get all worked up about some issue.

What are you children’s personalities like?

Hmmm, lets see. J is a daredevil. She thinks she can do anything and no task (or object) is too big for her to tackle. Which is funny, because of the three, she’s the smallest. She’s also very happy, almost all of the time. She hardly ever stops smiling. And she has the biggest smile I’ve ever seen!

E is the quiet one. I will often find her by herself in a small space (between pieces of furniture or in a corner) with a book or puzzle, if K or J don’t notice her. She’s also very sensitive. If K or J steal a toy or book away from her, she just breaks down and cries.

K is a sensitive bully. He is usually the one stealing the toys or books away from E. But if he gets something stolen from him, or if he gets hurt, all he wants to do is hug the nearest person. He is very affectionate, with everything. He was the first to really latch on to stuffed animals. He likes to give hugs and kisses, to anything that will accept them!

I saw on your blog that you and your wife sign with your children. What program did you use to teach them? How successful has it been?

We relied primarily on the Baby Einstein videos. The signing they use is a a “combination of American Sign Language (ASL) and Conceptually Accurate Signed English.” We would watch the videos with them so that we could also learn the signs. Of course, we would then reinforce what they were learning throughout the day. We started doing it regularly at around 6 months, and by 9 months to a year we started to see some of the signs. Now they know enough to get their point across, which was really all we were looking for. I think it’s also important to note that we were vocalizing the word along with the sign, every time. And now when the kids do a sign, they also say the word that goes along with it. I think it’s been very successful for us. It helped us to understand what they wanted and needed before they could vocalize it, which resulted in us having three happy babies, most of the time!

Where is your favorite place to go as a family?

We really don’t get out much. We go to grandma’s (both sides) quite a bit, and that’s always fun. I guess when we do get to go out its usually to get some shopping done. Which, with triplets, means a trip to Costco. The kids do enjoy seeing all of the people and getting some of the samples! Although, I think if you ask me in a couple of weeks, the answer will be the community pool. This year we will have the chance to go into the kiddie pool, which has lots of neat sprinklers and stuff for the little ones. I think they’re going to like that a lot.

A big thank you to Kevin for being a part of our site, again! Be sure to visit Kevin at Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Dad!


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    Great post! I love hearing from a dad's point of view. Going off to search now

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    Loved hearing from a dad's perspective! Congrats Kevin on your very adorable triplets. I learned something new… triplets are called "trips" in multiples lingo.

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