Featured Blogger Interview: Lindsi of Our Lil Kingdom

Today’s Featured Blogger Interview is with Lindsi, or Our Lil’ Kingdom! Lindsi is the lucky mama to 3-year old Sam, and 1 year old twins, Zach and Maddie.

LL: Why did you start blogging? What does it mean to you?

LB: I started my first blog when I found out I was pregnant with our first child, Sam. I used it as a tool to keep family updated on my pregnancy and the upcoming arrival of Sam. Just before his first birthday we found out we were expecting again and I thought I would start a “family” blog so that I could keep everyone updated on ALL of us. As time went on I found that my blog was not only a great way to keep people updated, but it was like therapy for me too. I found myself using it as a journal to express my emotions and thoughts. I was always a “journal keeper,” I found journals I had written from the third grade…so keeping an online journal was just the next step for me.

LL: What do you think is the most challenging thing about having multiples? How have you dealt with that?

LB: This question is three fold to me. In the beginning, the challenges were based upon lack of sleep. It is amazing how you can melt down with only a few hours of sleep behind you. We were really lucky with the twins, they started sleeping through the night when they were about 4-5 months old. That helped immensily. Later, the challenge switched to trying to figure out a way to equally divide my time among the children. I found myself feeling guilty that I wasn’t able to spend one-on-one time with each of them, like I had done previously with Sam. Now, our biggest challenge is to try and prevent the bumps and bruises that come with three little ones running around. Lately, their favorite game is “chase the dog around the kitchen.” I try and stop it before it gets too crazy but not long after the sound of three kids giggling a sight of tears pops up because someone bumped into something. All in all I think the best way I have dealt with these challenges is to remember to take time for myself each day, I use things like a shower, a long bath, a trip to the grocery store, etc as a “mini-vacation.” I am blessed in that my husband works from home so in a time where I need a “mommy time out” he steps in and gives me a 10 minute break.

LL: Your oldest, Sam, is only 18 months older than your twins! How has he adjusted to sharing the spotlight with his siblings?

LB: We were told when we found out we were having twins to start preparing Sam as soon as possible. Our pediatrician gave us some amazing ideas and we ran with them. We found out just after Sam’s 1st birthday about the twins and we bought him “twins” to roll play with. People kept telling us we were crazy and that he was too young to understand, but we did a LOT of talking about with him and he totally got it. We made sure to include him on the big things like- getting their nursery ready, finding out their genders, and so on. Sam is an amazing big brother and he adores the twins. They all go to pre-school together and Sam is well known there and everyone knows that the twins are “his babies.” I always get him first from his pre-school classroom and immediately after he says hi to me he says “let’s go get my babies!”

LL: You have said that you always knew you would have twins. What was your reaction when you found out? Were you really not surprised?

LB: This is actually a funny question. I have a paper I wrote in the 2nd grade where I said that when I grew up I was going to have twins (the names I had picked out were Madeline and Mackenzie…..I got my Madeline.) I just always had this feeling inside I was going to have twins someday. I even told my husband that on many occasions and it totally freaked him out. The day we found out we were expecting twins the roles reversed. I was terrified and bawling, he was super excited and beaming! I remember I kept telling the ultrasound technition to “count again.” Looking back on it, I still laugh about the reversal of emotions.

LL: What do you think has surprised you most about being a parent to multiples?

LB: What has surprised me more than anything is the fascination people have with multiples. I always thought multiples were neat but I never realized that by having them I would become an attraction to some people. I still can’t believe the questions I get asked on a daily basis. “Are they identical?” (boy/girl twins, um no), “Did you use fertility drugs?” (still don’t understand how that is anyone’s business), and my new favorite “oooh, triplets!” (nope, just very close together)

LL: Parenting means not only teaching our kids, but being taught by them. What is the biggest lesson that you have learned about yourself since having kids?

LB: The biggest lesson I have learned about myself in having kids is in all honesty the amount of love a parent can have for a child. I was terrified I wouldn’t “have enough” love for the twins because I loved Sam SOOOO much. Everyone kept telling me you will love them as much as Sam (and they were right), but a little old lady at Target (who had 11 children) said it best to me. “You don’t have to share your love with them, you don’t run out of room to love, your heart grows with each child and that is how you love them all equally.” The best thing I have learned about love is: That amount of love I have for my children is the SAME amount of love my mother has for me. While, I didn’t always believe it growing up, I now know it to be true.

LL: What inspired you to start your new business, Maddie Girl Clips?
LB: The inspiration behind Maddie girl clips is, of course, my daughter. The name “Maddie Girl” comes from the nickname of my little girl. Her name is Madeline, but our son likes to call her “Maddie Girl.” I started my business by making clips for her hair and a few of my friends children. I often found myself frustrated with the plain designs they were selling in stores AND the fact that NONE of the clips I was purchasing actually stayed in my daughters hair. Put all that together and you get Maddie Girl Clips!

I will be offering FREE SHIPPING to all of your readers until the end of the year (just be sure to mention “multiples” in the comment section with your purchase)

LL: You just took a long road trip with the kids- do you have any tips for surviving long road trips with multiple toddlers?

LB: TRAVEL AT NIGHT!!! LOL! There is nothing like three freshly bathed kids with full bellies and a warm cozy car to put them to sleep. We survived a 12 hour road trip with only a few minor bumps along the way. When we can’t travel during the night we do a great deal of planning ahead, I packed a lot of snacks the night before as well as music for the kids and movies to play.

Lindsi’s Question for our readers today is:

What things did you do to prepare your children for the addition of another baby or babies?


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  1. Yay, Lindsi!!

  2. thank you for the interview- it was fun!

  3. What a cute family! Thanks for sharing.

    As for your question, we did much of the same thing. We got my daughter twin dolls to play with and involved her in the big things…like big ultrasounds or when the babies were really active to poke them back whenever they poked. We also talked the big sister thing up A LOT and she really got that. I think every kid feels a little displaced by a new family member. I did as well! But it is well worth it. 🙂

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