Featured Blogger Interview: Kris of Butterfly Travels

Today’s featured blogger interview is with Kris, of Butterfly Travels! If you have any questions about traveling with lots of kids- you have come to the right place. This proud mom of 5 year old twins MacKenzie and Madison, and their 3 year old sister, Kira, has lived in several foreign countries since having twins!

L: Having had a singleton after your twins, did it put some perspective on just how much work newborn multiples are compared to one? Did it seem “easy”?

K: Yes, it did. I knew it was a lot of work with two babies, but I realized that even more when my youngest was born. It was so great to be able to experience both a multiple and singleton birth. Having 22 month old twins plus a newborn had different challenges, but it was so nice only having one newborn to change and feed in the middle of the night.

L: How did you go about potty training your twins? Do you have any tips for those of us who are starting to think about beginning the process?

K: To be honest I think I struggled with the whole potty training process. I guess I would say, hang in there it WILL happen. My twins are 5 now and finally wear undies when they sleep. It is very exciting for us! We started the whole process when they were about 2 ½. I believe we started way too early which made the whole process drag out for 2 years. It felt like it was never going to happen, but thankfully it did. 🙂

L: Can you explain a little bit about your living situation? Do you enjoy living in Korea? What has been your favorite place to live so far?K: My husband’s job (golf course construction) has brought us to many places around the world. We are now home from Korea, but are in the process of getting ready to spend the summer in Moscow, Russia. I really think I could write a book on how to pack and prepare to live in another country with young children. To answer your question, “do you enjoy living in Korea?” We enjoyed a lot of things while living in Korea, but there are always those moments of missing home, family and friends. But, the kids are so resilient and have enjoyed all of our adventures to-date.

Since I last typed we have arrived in Moscow, Russia. We are living in a 3 story home in a gated community. It has a beautifully landscaped yard and lots of space to run. We made a trip to Red Square last weekend and I was in awe. I never thought Russia would be a country that I would visit. So far I have really enjoyed it here.

L: You moved to Spain when the girls were only 3 months old! How did you manage moving to a foreign country, and caring for newborn twins?

K: Having twins is such a crazy, busy experience to begin with. Now, throw in moving to another country. It was quite hectic and stressful. But, with the help of my mother-in-law I managed to pack what we needed and make that long flight. The scariest part was knowing that I would be doing everything by myself all day long until my husband got home from work. But, it worked out just fine and we made some great friends and memories while there.

L: Tell us a little bit about Kira, MacKenzie and Madison. Do they each have a special relationship with one another?

K: MacKenzie is our oldest by 1 hour and 8 minutes. She is definitely the dominant one. She likes to be in control of a situation and lets you know when she doesn’t like it. She loves to be silly and joke around. She is already a great little artist who can color better than I can. She loves to draw, paint, color or anything artsy. She is a Mommy’s girl and I love it.

Madison is our soft hearted sweetheart. She loves her Mommy and Daddy and sisters with all of her heart. She is more of Daddy’s girl, but still gives Mommy lots of lovin. She loves to snuggle her favorite stuffed animal that she has had since she was 6 months old (Bonnie Bear – named after a dear family friend who bought the bears for the girls). She is a snuggler especially with her Daddy.

Kira Anne is our youngest. She is a sweet and sassy little girl. She tries to be tough, but has such sensitive feelings that she gets hurt easily. She loves to make people laugh and tries with all she has to make that happen. She especially loves to make her sisters’ laugh. She likes to be silly. She loves to snuggle and tell you how much she loves you.

L: Having two-year-olds, I am always excited (and sad) to get to the next “stage” with my kids- what do you like most about the “5’s?

K: I can so relate to the excited but sad feelings about the next stage. I am always sad when I box up clothes or toys to be given away. What I like the most about the “5’s” would be the ability to have a conversation with them. They were always behind with their speech, so it has taken awhile to get to this point (they have that special twin language and are in speech class). I love that they can tell me about their day or that they can express their feelings in words. And I just love it when they make a joke. It cracks me up.

L: Do you ever get a chance to have one on one time with your girls? What activities do they enjoy the most?

K: The girls don’t get much one-on-one time yet. But, there have been a few outings with just one girl, but not very often. But, in the future I am hoping we get more one-on-one time. My girls LOVE animals. Especially horses. They have lots of ponies and play with them every day. They have never been ones to play with dolls, but you give them a toy animal or car and they are happy.

L: Do the girls ever try to switch places on you? Is it always easy to tell them apart (by sight)?

K: I have always thought they looked different, so I don’t think they will ever be able to trick me. But, they have had some luck with their Grandparents (I should say mainly their Grandpa….he has always had a hard time telling them apart). The only time I have a problem is if they both have a hat on and aren’t right next to me.

L: Were you anxious at all about the prospect of adding another child to the mix when your twins were still young? Do you have any advice for moms of twins that are now expecting another baby?

K: No, I wasn’t anxious at all about having another baby. My twins were always such good babies that I just expected my next child to be the same. And we did get lucky there. But, the older she gets the more independent (or sassy) she becomes. But, I love that she is so different than her older sisters.

The advice I would give to other moms of multiples expecting another baby is to enjoy the baby stages because they go by so quickly. Especially when you have twins and now a new born. And I promise that the sleepless nights do end – hang in there! Another word of advice is to make sure to take lots of pictures. They change so much when they are little. And now that my kids are getting older they just LOVE to look at their baby pictures. And just make sure to get in some of those pictures too. I know you don’t feel like you look your best after having a baby (or multiples), but you will be happy that you did.

Kris’ question for our Multiples and More readers today is:

K: I have always wondered how other mother’s to multiples keep up on organizing photos. Pictures and albums have always been important to me and I try my best to keep things in albums so the girls can look at themselves, but at times I find it very overwhelming. And having identical twins makes it even tougher. I can’t just throw them in an album – I need to make sure I write who is who. Even though I can tell them apart in person I have had trouble with photos. Any tips out there?

Please be sure to stop by Butterfly Travels today, and say hi to Kris!
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  1. Cute girlies!

    I've been doing Shutterfly Photo Books but I know there are tons of other photo book options out there. It's nice because it takes me less time to type than to write and I can just stick the photos on a page shortly after they are taken and then print the book when it is done after many months of memories. Although I am quite behind at the moment… 😉

  2. Your girls are adorable!

    I sit down every Sunday night and upload all our digital photos from that week. I title them with the date, and under "comments" I put who it is. (Not an issue anymore since my boys are frat twins, but it was harder when they were newborns!) That way even if it's a while before I actually get around to PRINTING, it's all still organized by date etc. When I have a bunch to print I use Costco's online photo service (although I know SHutterfly is great too)

  3. Is great post, thanks for sharing.

    About pictures, I upload every day by date. But, I'm having problems with albums, I'm just a little behind (like 3 years),wow.

  4. My kids have individual detailed scrapbooks for the first year. After that I organize photos chronologically. I use picasa for photo organization on my computer and then backup to cds. I also try to get all the best photos on my blog for another backup.

  5. I used to scrapbook– when I only had two children and BEFORE the twins came. Now I have Picasa on my computer, and when I upload the pictures to my computer, I "tag" each face, so that way I know which twin is which. (I didn't do that at first, and now I have some pictures that I don't know which one it was.) I figure I may have time to scrapbook again someday.

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