Featured Blogger: Gen of The McNulty Quads

This week our featured blogger is Gen McNulty of The McNulty Quads! Gen is the proud MoM of 3 1/2 year old quads, Russ, Ally, Molly and Libby. She somehow manages to do it all while keeping a great sense of humor!


How did you begin blogging?

Conor started our blog shortly after find out we were pregnant with the quads. We have friends and family all over the country and wanted to keep them updated. At the time, I didn’t have a clue what a blog was!!!! No joke! When the kids were about a year old, I took it over and have been writing most of the posts ever since. BUT, my favorite posts are still the ones that Conor does! 😉

You had a pretty rough road to parenthood, can you discuss what your journey was like and offer any advice to families who may be going through the same thing?

Sure! I’m an open book about this stuff. If it can help someone else, it’s good to share!

I’ll do my best to give a good summary…

I have Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). We knew the journey to parenthood would not be easy, just didn’t understand how hard it was really going to be! We went through two years of fertility treatment and tried many medications. By the second year I was in bed most of my cycle, unable to walk. The pain of ovarian stimulation was unbearable and I’m a tough cookie! 😉 I suffered MANY many miscarriages during this time and under went many invasive procedures. By the end of the second year we were both emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted. We were broke and done. But, we decided to give it one more try. We did a cycle using follistim injections. When I ovulated ONE healthy egg I received a shot of HCG. The next day I went in for my first IUI. The ultra sound showed ONE very healthy egg. The next day I went in for my second IUI.. still ONE healthy egg. I spent the rest of the month in bed and went in for my blood test as soon as I could. We were hopeful but realistic. Later that day I received the call… “you are pregnant, VERY pregnant!” We were over the moon excited and had NO CLUE what those words would SOON mean. We were also VERY cautious. I had never carried a pregnancy past 11 weeks. SO, I crawled into bed and didn’t move, I was determined to carry this baby.

How did you and Conor react to news of quads?

I will NEVER forget it. I was 6 weeks along when I started bleeding. We thought we were losing the baby and rushed to the fertility clinic in tears. The doctor came in and didn’t say much. She did the ultra sound and announced.. “Well, that’s why your bleeding.. your having triplets! It’s normal to bleed with multiples!” We both smiled at each other and stared at the monitor in awe. I just remember thinking, “Wow triplets, WOW!” About a minute later, our normally dry and composed Dr., fell silent. Then she simple said, “Oh Sh&t there are 4!” Both of our jaws dropped and the room fell silent. It was VERY VERY QUIET. I remember laying there while she finished the exam thinking, “I can’t carry ONE baby, how am I going to carry 4?” The rest of the visit was a blur. We left the office unsure what to think or how to feel. We didn’t know if they would survive from week to the next and we were frozen.

What was your pregnancy like?

Very hard, but a distant memory. I was in bed from day one (and before). I was so afraid of losing the babies. By week 17 I was contracting. I had my first real scare and was in the hospital on pre term labor drugs. I was able to come home but was back in L & D by week 24. Again, I got to come home and was on strict bed rest with in home care. By week 27 I was back in the hospital for good. I delivered at week 31 and 5 days. I had every issue you can have, diabetes, high blood pressure, a broken rib (baby d- Molly) and pre term labor- to name a few.

It was the hardest thing I have ever done and the most rewarding!!!

How were the weeks after delivery, and the initial weeks that you had the quads home?

My recovery was a piece of cake! I have no idea how I got so lucky. I was up and in the NICU the same day I delivered. My recovery was no big deal at all. I did get a pretty major infection in the second week but moved right on. I have heard HORROR stories from my quad mom friends about the recovery process and feel blessed beyond belief.

Leaving my babies in the NICU and coming home without them was the hardest part for me. I knew they were in great hands but had so much emotion about it all. I spent all day everyday in the NICU pumping and being with our babies. The NICU is such a hard ride (for anyone) and we had our share of obstacles to over come.

It got even harder when the babies started coming home one at a time. We felt SO torn to be both places. By week 4 Molly was home, week 5 Ally, week 7 Libby and Russ came home at week 8 on oxygen. Once everyone was home it took a lot of getting used to but we were so happy to all be under one roof!

We had all the normal preemie issues and a few not so normal issues. All four babies had reflux and all four babies stopped breathing at one point or another. It was a very scary time. Russ had severe reflux. He ended up having surgery and has been a healthy happy boy ever since. Once Russ was off oxygen at 8months old things got a lot better!

Also, as a side note, we over came all the preemie issues and are doing GREAT today.

I have to ask, how do you do it?

We wanted them SOOO badly. SOOO SOO badly. They are a miracle and we never forget that. HOWEVER, man it can be crazy!!! Having a sense of humor is key. Conor and I are a great team and be make through one day at a time. Also, my girlfriends are a HUGE part of my daily life and sanity.


What are some of your favorite things to do as a family?

Anything normal!! 😉 We spend as much time as we can outside (the river, park, zoo etc.). Since out growing the quad stroller life is just different and better. Getting out isn’t a production like it used to be and no one notices us! It’s great!

What is some of the best advice you have received in regards to raising a family?

Enjoy every moment, even the challenging ones. It goes by so fast! Too fast.

Also, POTTY TRAINING… DO IT WHEN THEY ARE READY! It’s a piece of cake! I waited until our kids turned 3 and it took only four short days.

What question do you have for the MoMs and Dads in the community?

School.. our kiddos will be starting pre-school next fall. They will be just over 4 years old and I’d like to give them one year before Kindergarten. My question is… do you separate them or not? I know there are a lot of opinions out there and I would LOVE to hear yours!


Be sure to leave your answers to Gen’s questions in the comment section and then head over to The McNulty Quads to leave some bloggy love!

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  1. Mine went to 2 1/2 years of preschool. They were together the first 1 1/2 years and I think it was a good way to ease from being with me all the time to being away.

    Their last year of preschool and this year in kindergarten I have mine in three separate classes. It has been good for my kids. They are developing some independence and learning to meet people and make friends on their own. Plus, for my kids it helps them be less competitive about school stuff.

    I plan to continue to separate but my workload would probably be easier if they were in separate classes.

  2. I meant to say my workload would be easier if they were in the same class!

  3. Mom of the Twinkies and Tot!

    I am a teacher and I say separate them…maybe not completely right at first for pre-school. Maybe start them out slow with the separation and just do two and two. But your kids need to make their own friends and let their own personalities flourish. Just think of how excited they will be at the end of the day when you pick them up to see each other and share their stories with one another! I think they will cherish each other more and it will help them become independent in themselves.

    Your family is adorable btw!!!

  4. We haven't dealt with school yet b/c my 2 boys are only 10 months. But both of my sisters are elementary school teachers and their advice it to separate them – it is best for them but as the other Mom said a little harder for you.

    I also have to mention that my jaw is still on the floor after reading about your broken rib – that is not something I heard about before! So maybe a little extra school work will be a piece of cake b/c you have already dealt with broken bones for your children! 😉

    Good luck – your family is beautiful!

  5. Gen always lights up my day with her humor and sweet comments. Ally, Russ, Libby, and Ally have AWESOME parents who care! I can't wait to see what the next adventure is!

  6. Mine are in their second year of preschool and I decided to keep them together the entire time. It's mainly logistical… there are numerous preschool classes and when they take field trips they go on different days. Schedule wise it was easier for me to make sure my daughters are doing the same thing on the same days. I'll be splitting mine up, just not sure if it will happen in kindergarten or first grade.

  7. The McNulty Family

    Amanda! You rock woman! Thank you so much! That was so much fun for me! 😉

    If any of you have questions feel free to ask. I'm an open book!!

    These comments are GREAT! Thank you all! I look forward to hearing more and making the decision very soon… Wow time goes by way too fast!


  8. absolutely LOVE those mcnulties!!!!!

  9. My twins didn't attend preschool, rather we did a homeschool version of preschool and they seemed to do fine. That said, however, they did attend Kindergarten through third grade in the same classroom. Our school is a GREAT one to separate at fourth grade (daily argument was, "my teacher is nicer"…"no, MY teacher is nicer!"). I was VERY uncomfortable with them being in separate classrooms, but now see that baby A really does need encouragement in a new situation, and she tends to 'rely' on her twin. Baby B is much more social & naturally outgoing.

    Go with your instinct. If you feel one needs the extra stimulation, make sure they get placed in the classroom that will ensure it. If one needs the comfort of a sibling, make sure they get the nurturing sibling.

    You know your kids best, stick to your instinct!

  10. Domrese Family Blog

    I've kept my first set of twins together for preschool. Their personalities are very different, they flock towards different friends, it's never an issue. However, if they need comfort or just a friendly face, they've always got one across the room. As an Kindergarten teacher, I say do what you feel will be best. You know your kids' personalities. You know how they'll do. I will separate the boys later if it seems necessary but I at least wanted to start off with them together and see what happened. Good luck!

  11. I really enjoyed reading your story, thank you for sharing.

  12. Gen is a wonderful person and a great friend. When I need advices for potty training, she was there and answer all my questions. Thanks Gen.

    They don't need to be at school to show their personalities. They are going to make friends by their own way and are going to do the school work no matter their sibblings are with he or she on the same room.

    For me, the best advice is don't separate them. I had twin girls on my classroom a couple of years ago and they did their work and had their own friends.

    Anxious to read about your decision.

  13. First off, you know your kids better than anyone, and I think there is no right answer that works for every set of multiples. That being said, my husband and I have decided to keep our daughters together in daycare, but will split them into separate classes starting in first grade. My extrovert has a tendency to speak for her sister. Also, while the friends our twins have had from birth (or thereabouts) have no problem treating them as individuals, the friends they've made since they turned three tend to treat them as one person with two bodies, which concerns me. My girls are identical, so that probably plays into it too. I know they won't like being separated at first, but I think it will be the best thing. An adult twin friend of mine pointed out that she and her sister ended up in many of the same classes in high school because they were both honours students who were musicians, and she was glad that their parents had had them separated in elementary school.

    Good luck with you decision!

  14. Gen is one of the most genuine generous kind-hearted mamas I've ever come into contact. Even knowing this story, it was such a treat to read her Q/As and reflect on the miracle McNulty's! They've come soooo far!
    Way to go, Gen and Conor!

  15. I had not planned on seperating my twins unitl they were done with primary grades but their preschool teacher this year thinks that they would be better off in seperate classes. If they are in preschool next year, we will put them in 2 classes and continue to do it. They both have speech articulation issues and her thought was that they would have different models to help them prounce their words correctly.

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