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Today’s featured blogger is April, of Our Triplets. April is actually a real life MoM friend of ours here in Central Florida, and we are very happy to share a little more about her with you today! She is an inspiring mom to us because from the beginning she has not been afraid to venture out with her boys, even by herself. April and her husband, Brian, have 19 month old BBB triplets named Hunter, Hadden, and Hendrix. We have learned a lot from this Mom, and hopefully you all will too!


L: Your beautiful boys were conceived with the help of IVF. Do you have any words of advice for couples considering taking this step? What was the hardest part of that experience?

A: As hard as it may be try to keep a open mind about it. Just because a friend got pregnant on the first cycle doesn’t mean you will, or if a friend has gone through 4 cycles with no baby doesn’t mean you will. Everyone is different.

We didn’t get to go through the whole process during the first cycle so that wasn’t too bad, but getting that call at the end of the 2nd cycle with a negative pregnancy test was a big blow to me.


L: Can you tell us about the day you found out you were having triplets?

A: I was 7 weeks pregnant, We went in to the room with a nurse and my doctor he started doing the internal ultra sound. He told us to give him one second and he would turn the monitor around for us to see. Well, the nurses face said it all- something was up! So he turned around the monitor and started pointing saying here is a heartbeat, and another and by this time I knew what I was looking for so as he started to point to the third I just busted out laughing; the screen was bouncing up and down:) My husband was sitting to my right side and he was in total shock he had some choice words. Then we opened the door and because we were the last appointment of the day all the nurses were standing around listening and they were all so excited for us:)


L: Did your babies spend time in the NICU? How did you and your husband handle that experience?

A: I carried the boys to 34 wks 2 days. All three were in the NICU, Hendrix (baby C, weighing 5 lbs) had a difficult time at first he spent 5 days on C-PaP and a central line in to his belly button. His lungs were not working at full strength. Hadden (baby B weighing 4lbs 2oz) really just needed to gain weight and Hunter (baby A 4lbs 9oz) had some bleeding in his rectum. With all that though Hendrix and Hadden came home 2 weeks to the day they were born and Hunter was home 3 weeks to the day.

I think the hardest part at first was because of Hendrix being the worst they had him in a different part of the NICU, so trying to split our time between the 3 of them was really hard and I felt guilty a lot of the time because we could not hold Hendrix. Then when Hadden and Hendrix came home it became a joggling act to have them during the day and then when my husband would get home I would go up to the hospital until midnight.


L: You have two identical boys, and one fraternal. Does this present any particular challenges or concerns?

A: YES, from the start I have felt like I could not let people or family members treat Hunter (my fraternal) any different then the other two. I even go as far as not letting my husband put the same colored onesie on Hadden and Hendrix just to sleep in. My big thing is I don’t want him to feel different then his brothers because they are identical and he is fraternal.


L: Can you tell us a little about your boys’ personalities?

A: Baby-A, Hunter is my bully:) He loves to wrestle his brothers, he is a thinker he takes in his surroundings and loves to play shy. He also is laid back, didn’t really care if his brothers were crawling, walking before him, he was content with just laying around.

Baby-B, Hadden is the smallest, he loves to copy his brothers, he gets excited about everything, loves the swings and he loves to brush his teeth.

Baby-C, Hendrix had the most complications at birth but has done everything first sit up, crawl, walk. He is a momma’s boy, but will wrestle his brothers for a toy if he has to. He LOVES the water and would stay in the tub all night if you let him.

Also just a little extra info with my boys: everyone thinks the identicals would stick together, but they both gravitate to Hunter:)


L: You are an active member of our local multiples club; what do you enjoy most about being a part of it?

A: Sharing stories with the other MoMs, and being able to get out with the boys with other children their age.

Also can’t leave out the MNO (MoM Night Outs) !

L: What do you think the most difficult thing about being a mom of multiples is? How do you deal with that?

A:The attention that we get when we go out ANYWHERE, most of the time I try to just put a smile on my face and keep moving. Other days I just don’t even make eye contact with people and I have some choice words I would like to say to them sometimes like “I’m just out with my boys, can we please just enjoy our day” !!! That’s the nice version:)


L: Did you ever think you would be a mom of triplets?

A: NEVER, With it taking us 3 IVF cycles to become pregnant, I really had already started thinking about adoption. I wouldn’t change it for the world though:)


L: I know from experience- you are a very savvy shopper! Do you have any tips for moms on how to save money in the grocery store, or on childrens’ items?

A: I have started to plan out my meals for the week. I also cut coupons but ONLY for the stuff we use. Also, sometimes even if you have a coupon, the store brand is still cheaper, I always go for store brands! Also the crockpot has become my new best friend, I can usually get at least 2 meals out of it which saves money and most of all time.

I only shop from the clearance section for clothes. Shop at the end of a season (i.e winter, summer). I have shorts that I got at the end of summer last year for 98 cents each. Also ask your local stores when they do their mark downs (my Target does the Baby section on Mondays) Most stores really want to move that stuff once it gets marked down, so they will let you know.


L: What is the most important thing that you have learned since becoming a MoM?

A: Take one day at a time, also it’s OK to pass on the laundry to play with your babies/kids! They grow way too fast to worry about laundry every day:)


A big thanks to April for sharing your insights with us today! Don’t forget to stop by Our Triplets, and say hello!

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  1. Great interview. Your views are just like mine…it could have easily been me writing this (although I’m not great at putting my feelings/thoughts into words).
    Your boys are adorable!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Bookmarked your blog.

  2. This was fun to read! I love hearing about other MoMs. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. I loved reading her interview! Sounds like she went through a rough time trying to conceive but I’m happy it has a happy ending!

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  5. Great interview. Cute boys and love their names!

  6. Great feature! What a beautiful family!!

  7. This was a great feature! Thanks for sharing…I looooooooved her last statement that it is ok to pass on the laundry to play with the kids as time goes way too fast….such a true and profound statement!

  8. Mother of Multiples

    i just love reading these interviews. It usually gets me going so I can write something good for my blog entry…

  9. I am April’s cousin, Courtney, and I am so proud of her. She is an amazing mommy!!

  10. Wonderful interview. I like to know more about Moms with multiples.

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