Featured Blogger (and giveaway!): Heather Mott

This weeks feature blogger is Heather Mott of The Mott Multiples. Heather is the proud MoM of a singleton, twins AND triplets! Let’s get to learn about Heather and her family!

You’ve carried twins, a singleton and triplets. What were the main differences in each pregnancy?

The differences seem to be very minimal I guess. I think I carry babies well so I would say that triplets made me much more tired than the twins or my single. I think the major difference is that when you are used to multiples and you are pregnant for 9 months and only get one baby you feel a bit cheated. haha With the twins I was 7 years younger and it was my first pregnancy so I had nothing to compare it to. My single pregnancy I was moving back to the US from Mexico so I was very busy with 2.5 year old twins. The triplets, I really noticed that I was pregnant. It was about 28 weeks when I really started to slow down. By the time I was in the 32nd week I was not doing much at all. My husband really held down the household along with my sister who moved in with us. What a blessing.

All of your children have very traditional Irish names, is there a story behind that?

My husband, David is Irish and he was the youngest of 7 kids in a traditional Irish Catholic Family. When we were dating he always said he would name his firstborn son, Eamon (after Eamon DeValera, the first prime minister of Ireland). When you have a name like Eamon you cant just have any name with that. We started looking through the books and came up with all of our Irish names. The significance of our daughter’s name is that both of our mother’s names were Maureen so we found that Mairin was an Irish version of Maureen so we thought that was neat. The names for the triplets was a bit of a challenge since we didn’t know whether or not to do all of the same first letter, should they match, or be completely different. We would come up with 2 we liked and then the third was hard but in the end we came up with 3 names that we just love.

What is your favorite activity to do with each of your children?

Eamon and Liam, I love to take them out and play catch, swim with them in the pool and just do boy stuff that they like. They think it is cool when mom does cool things with them. Mairin is my shopper. She will run errands, Sam’s club, grocery store or wherever. She loves it when I push her on the swings or if I play babies with her. She also loves it when I cuddle with her. My favorite thing to do with the triplets is to get them out of bed in the morning. They are so innocent, helpless and look at you like you are their world. I also love to lay on the floor and play with them.

What is the best/hardest thing about having two sets of multiples as well as a singleton?

The best thing about having the multiples is that they are perfect playmates. My twins do not need many playdates since they are their own best friends. I find that on those rainy days they are perfectly fine playing together. I hope the same is true for the triplets. I do notice already that I can put all 3 babies on a blanket on the floor and they will entertain each other by laughing and looking at each other. Mairin probably requires the most time from me since she is a single and a girl. She likes to hang with the older boys and although they play well with her they grow tired of her and then she comes to mom. She is great at helping me with the triplets and she is really good with them. The hardest thing is the making sure I make time for each and every child and making sure no one feels left out. I have to be careful and not ignore the older ones since they are so good and so self sufficient.

How have you adjusted to being a stay at home Mom?

It has been amazing and I love it. I didn’t think I would be able to do it but now that I have been home for about 10 months I cant imagine working outside of the house. My job is to be home with my kids at least until my triplets are in full day school. At that time I can do whatever I want. This is the way I need to look at it when there are the rough days. I have to say that I think the days go so fast that I really haven’t had the chance to go crazy yet. Keep in mind I just have infants..talk to me again when I have terrible twos running crazy. This summer has been much smoother than I anticipated it to be. Friends and family have really offered to take the kids so it really eases the burden.

What is the best advice (parenting or other) you have ever received?

The best advice by far is to train kids early about sleeping. Put them to bed awake and do not pick them back up. Do not rock before bed and do not give up on naps. This is what makes me a a great mom because I get a good nights sleep and I have several hours a day while they are napping to complete my household tasks. The triplets are 6 months old and sleeping 7pm to 7am and my 7 year old twins sleep 8 pm until 8am along with Mairin. I always say that if mom gets sleep than life is good.


Heather just returned from a fabulous vacation in Cabo San Lucas and is sharing her amazing vacation with all of us! Heather is giving away these beautiful earrings on her blog, and the contest runs until next Wednesday. All you have to do is become a follower of Mott Multiples and for an additional entry just leave Heather a quick comment.

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  1. Twins, trips, and a singleton???? YOU ARE MY HERO!!!! :))

  2. A hero for sure, this gal has done it all 🙂

  3. This woman is amazing!! Thanks for such a wonderful website, you guys do such great job!!

  4. I am so with you on the sleep issue. Especially naps. Although I have to say I'm amazed that your 6-month-olds sleep through the night—yay for you!!

  5. What a great interview and beautiful pictures. Heather's a friend of mine and I'm thrilled to see her and her beautiful family featured. Even though I'm still jealous over that trip to Cabo! 😉

  6. Wow! I thought my twin pregancy was the death of me…you did that PLUS a triplet preg…amazing! Do you realize how strong of a woman you really are? 🙂

  7. Oh my.

    Now how many times do you hear 'you must have your hands full' and want to bop the asker?

    I only! have twins, and I get sick of that one 🙂

  8. This was a great interview! I'm so happy to see Heather as a featured blogger!!! Her posts always amaze me…she has such patience with her kids!!

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