Featured Blogger: Amy of Earnest Parenting

This weeks featured blogger is Amy of Earnest Parenting. Amy is the proud MoM of two sets of fraternal boys. Her oldest TechnoBoy and The Mercenary are 11 and her youngest The Manager and Captain Earthquake are 7. Amy also homeschools all four boys!


What made you start your blog?

I was really struggling with the homeschooling efforts and couldn’t find anyone else who said that they were struggling too. And the parenting. That was/is so hard! I really want to do a good job at it, and (again) was having a terrible time in 2007 when I started writing. Things have improved (and new challenges have popped up) over the years.

Can you discuss your road to becoming a parent?

A year after Hubby and I married I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure. Essentially this is like menopause for women under the age of 30. My ovaries had shut down and there was no chance of getting pregnant without medical assistance. I went to see a specialist, who told us to sign up for the egg donation program his clinic had. A year later, we came up on the list and decided to go through the process. Miraculously, I got pregnant the first time with triplets. We lost one baby 2 weeks later, but the other two made it to 35 weeks. We also were able to cryopreserve some embryos at that time, and four and a half years later, I gave birth to the second set of twin boys. Both times the in vitro worked on the first attempt which still just amazes me. And humbles me. There’s no reason for me to be so blessed.

Were your pregnancies similar or different? Both pregnancies were similar. I did develop pre-ecclampsia the first time and not the second. I had to have c-sections both times. First it was more of an emergency situation, and the second time Baby B’s growth was slowing down too much so the doctor wanted them delivered. I wanted to try vaginal, but his safety was more important so we went with surgery.

What made you decide to homeschool your children?

Hm. There’s not an easy answer to that one. I taught public school for 8 years before getting pregnant, and loved my job. But then I stayed home for a year and loved that more. I wanted to be in control of what the boys learned, and I wanted to be the one with them learning and teaching every day. That turned out to be quite a challenge, with many hours of frustration for all of us, but I think we’ve done the right thing for us so far. We continue to evaluate our situation every year. The boys are welcome to choose public school if they want but so far they’re choosing to stay at home.

What types of resources do you use for homeschooling?

I follow a curriculum called The Well-Trained Mind, albeit loosely. Structure is my friend, so this is a good starting point. The book suggests options for each subject and I pick what works best for us. We’ve had some things work and some things not work over the years, but we’re getting better at finding solutions. Up until now we haven’t done a lot of things with groups, but next year we’re planning to get involved with a meeting-place for homeschoolers in the city. The boys are in sports, Scouts, and take piano lessons so this new venture will take us to the next level of involvement. And busy-ness!

What are some of your favorite family activities?

Before I hurt my knee we were all taking Tae Kwon Do classes together. Now I just watch Hubby and the boys, hoping to rejoin them when I’m healed. We’re raising chickens for the second year and are in a 4H group for the first time. We all love to play computer games and watch corny old TV shows together-the current rage is The A-Team. I’m looking forward to introducing them to the original Dukes of Hazzard next. Should be hilarious!

What question do you have for all the other families in the network?

What’s something fun you’re planning to do with your kids this summer?


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  1. 好的開始並不代表會成功,壞的開始並不代表是失敗..........................................................................

  2. Josh and Nancy

    I have a calendar that I have that has different activities that we are going to do something fun and/or educational every day of the summer. We'll go to variuos parks, camping, learn about letters, and others that come up through life. We learned about fruits one day, then made a list and walked through Farmer's Market looking for different fruits!

  3. Wow, Nancy that's impressive! Did you make the calendar yourself?

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