End of Summer Blog Party Winners!

The moment you have all been waiting for! Here are the winners of all of our fabulous giveaways from Thursday and Friday!
Baby Deary: Annette of Seasons of Joy

Giggling Sweets: Christina of Our Life with Multiples

Trends in Twos: Annie of Santiago Twin Girls

Trisha B Designs: Melissa of The Diddle Martins

Paperlicious: Krista71406

Easy Lunch Boxes: Krystyn of Really, are you serious?

Entwined Community: Dolli-Mama, Nancy Schafer (individual memberships) & Liz (of Thriving and Surviving), and Tammie Holcomb (business memberships)

Pirate Brands: Amanda of Connections, Trisha of 3 under 4, and Jenifuz of The Atkinson House.

Double Up Books: Texas Red

Laurie Berkner Band: Steph of Silly Precious Piggies

Tinker Bell: Grand Prize goes to Amber Lena and the runner up is Deanna of It’s a Crazy Beautiful Life.

Thank you all so much for participating! We truly wish we could have a prize for each and every entrant! If your name was chosen, please email us with your shipping address, with the prize that you won in the subject of the email. Please be patient- it may take us a couple days to get everyone’s information passed on to the sponsors!

Speaking of sponsors- A BIG thank you to all the generous prize donations that we received for this event! We will leave the links up in the sidebar for a bit and we encourage you all to think of these great items/shops when it comes time for Christmas shopping!

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  1. Thank you so much Amanda and Lani for hosting such a fun party, and thanks to all the sponsors as well! Yay!

  2. Thanks again, ladies…and thanks to the sponsors.

  3. Shannon @ Lifelong Impressions

    Thanks! It was another fun year of cool stuff. So happy to have won something!

  4. Congrats to all the winners! Thanks again Amanda and Lani for another great "party"!!

  5. It was a great party! Thanks! 🙂

  6. Double the Giggles

    I found a lot of new products that I will be trying, even though i didn't win! Thanks for a fun party!

  7. Yay!!! I never win anything!

  8. Oh, how exciting! Thank you! 😀

  9. Thank you! Lots of new things I want to try now!

  10. great party!!! congrats to all the winners!

  11. Super party ladies! I now have lots of great products that I'd like to try out! A big thank you to all of the sponsors as well!

  12. Gina @ MoneywiseMoms

    Yay! I'm so excited!

    Congrats to all the winners 🙂

  13. Thanks Lani and Amanda for another amazing End of Summer Party.

    Count with me for anything.

    BTW, I won, yeah!!!!

  14. Thank you! I am so excited (I never win anything). I was just introduced to your website (expecting boy/girl twins anyday now). I would love to participate in the next giveaway. Thanks!

  15. Congrats on another successful party! It was fun!

  16. Oh yay!!!! I am so excited!

  17. Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings

    I feel like such A DORK!!! i CHECKED THE LIST TWICE AND DIDN'T REALIZE i HAD WON- I thought it would have been my blog name for some reason!!! What do I need to do?


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