End of Summer Blog Party Giveaway #6 Spongebob DVD

We’re halfway through day one of the End of Summer Blog Party! Are you having fun?! Have you checked out the other great giveaways?
Our next giveaway comes from someone who lives in a pineapple under the sea. Yes, SpongeBob SquarePants! This all new DVD features 10 of SpongeBob’s happiest moments. The episodes include:

Tea at the Treedome: Sandy invites SpongeBob to her glass enclosed home for the first time, great for a squirrel but bad for a sponge!

Mermaidman and Barancle Boy: SpongeBob and Patrick try to convince the superhero duo to come out of retirement.

Culture Shock: Squidward plans and hosts a talent show at the Krusty Krab.

Karate Choppers: SpongeBob and Sandy’s constant karate fighting gets in the way at the Krusty Krab.

The Algae’s Always Greener: Plankton trades lives with Mr. Krabs for one day.

Just One Bite: When SpongeBob finds out the Squidward has never tasted a Krabby Patty he becomes obsessed with getting him to try one bite.

Graveyard Shift: Things get real creepy during the overnight shift at the Krusty Krab.

No Weenies Allowed: SpongeBob and Patrick get to ride the most exciting roller coaster that Bikini Bottom has ever seen.

Christmas Who?: SpongeBob is disappointed when Santa doesn’t show on Christmas moring

Help Wanted: This is the pilot of SpongeBob SquarePants!

One lucky reader will win their very own copy of SpongeBob SquarePants 10 Happiest Moments! For a required entry simply tell us your favorite SpongeBob character.

For additional entries:

  • Tweet about this giveaway (@multiplesnmore is giving away a #SpongeBob DVD with @NickelodeonDVD during the #endofsummerblogparty!) You can tweet once a day until Sunday Sept. 19th
  • Follow @NickelodeonDVD on Twitter
  • Add our End of Summer Blog Party Button to your sidebar
Good luck!

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  1. Sandy is my favorite.

  2. M&M blog party on my blog sidebar.

  3. We don't get cable TV in our area (not by choice, mind you, it's simply not available) so my kids have not experienced the joy that is Sponge Bob.

    My favorite is Mr. Krabs, mostly because I like saying MISTER KRABS.

  4. I like Mr. Krabs.

  5. My favorite is Spongebob!

  6. My favorite is Sponge Bob.

  7. My fave is Patrick

  8. I added the blog button.

  9. The family favorite in my house is none other than Spongebob himself 🙂

  10. Patrick is my favorite 🙂

  11. Button is on my blog

  12. My kids LOVE Patrick!!!

  13. I have your button on my blog!!

  14. SPONGEBOB! I love him so much. 😛 I think my favorite character is Squidward – he's so cynical.

  15. Miss Molly loves the one and only SpongeBob!

  16. My favorite character is SpongeBob. He is so cute and lovable. Without him there would be no show.

  17. I follow NickelodeonDVD on Twitter @HeartnSoulmom

  18. I like Squidward..I can relate to his 'leave me alone' attitude! My girls like Spongebob. : )

  19. Patrick is our favorite.

  20. I have the End of Summer Blog Party button on my sidebar.

  21. I have the M&M party button on my blog.

  22. I love Spongebob the best 🙂

  23. I follow them on twitter

  24. Your button is on my blog

  25. Have added the button

  26. I love Patrick 🙂

  27. I like Spongebob!

  28. have the button on my blog

  29. Kat at TwinParenthood

    Like Spongebob the best!

  30. Kat at TwinParenthood

    I have the End of Summer Blog Party Button on my website at http://TwinParenthood.com

  31. Gotta go with Jack Kahuna Laguna from Spongebob vs The Big One. After, he was voiced by the one and only……….Johnny Depp!!!!

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