End of Summer Blog Party Giveaway #25: Designed for Babies

The End of Summer Blog Party is almost over, have you checked out all of the giveaways?

Our next giveaway is from, Designed for Babies an online store that specializes in clothing and other items for multiples. Casey, the creative mind behind this, and proud MoM of quads, has a knack for knowing what it is that we want.

When you’re browsing the site you’ll be sure to see a few familiar faces from our community. This truly is a store made by one of us for us!

Everything Casey makes is fun, classic and a serious must have! One lucky reader will win a $100 gift card for Designed for Babies. For a required entry simply visit Designed for Babies and let us know what you would get with that $100.

For additional entries:
  • “Like” Designed for Babies on Facebook
  • Follow @designed4babies on Twitter
  • Tweet about this giveaway (@multiplesnmore is giving away a gift card to @designed4babies during their #endofsummerblogparty!)
  • Put our End of Summer Blog Party button in your side bar.
Good luck everyone and thanks for helping spread the word!


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  1. I LOVE the "yes, I have my hands full" tee! I hear that all the time! I love all the twin stuff too!

  2. I liked Designed for Babies on FB

  3. Following @designed4babies on twitter

  4. I just tweeted! @jenifuz

  5. Button is also on my blog!

  6. Love the Seeing Double tees. They also have a really nice selection of Melissa and Doug toys.

  7. The button is on my side bar.

  8. Since my husband has a "Proud Dad of Twin Girls" tee, I definitely would have to get a t-shirt for myself to wear around.

  9. Following designed4babies on Twitter (StroTwinMommy)

  10. The The Addison Bag by Luci Bags is super cute.

    reallyareyouserious at gmail dot com

  11. I've got the end of summer button.
    reallyareyouserious at gmail dot com

  12. I love the Mom6 long sleeve shirt or the shirt sleeve. Cute stuff!

  13. So hard to choose. But I'd probably get my husband one of the proud dad gold towels, and then get some of the toys.

  14. The "Yes my hands are full" t-shirt made me crack up! I hear that quite often. Those diaper bags are very cute too!

  15. Button on my side bar!

  16. I would stock up on cute Mom shirts and the Got Twins yoga pants. I want the Domestic Diva tee and the Hot Mom tee!

  17. I would get the "Got Twins" mom shirt. so cute!

  18. Proud Grandpa of Twins polo


  19. I already Like D4B on FB.

  20. The button is on my sidebar!

  21. I would get anything related to Triplets!

  22. I liked them on FB!

  23. your button is in my sidebar!

  24. What don't I want?!! I've been coveting the Got Triplets? tee, I'm the Favorite kid's tees, and Mom6 for along time!

  25. Already like on FB!

  26. Have the Blog Party button!

  27. I would get a diaper bag, but I can't decide which one.

  28. i like them on FB

  29. I would get some Melissa and Doug toys for the kids and tee for me

  30. I like the SuperMom t-shirt!

  31. I have the blog button on my sidebar

  32. I like Designed for Babies on FB

  33. I would spoil myself and get a really pretty diaper bag…right now I am in love with the Addison bag!

  34. I have the button in my side bar!!

  35. I would get the proud mother & father of twins shirts and two seeing double shirts. Thanks! These are so cute. goodwitchglinda at gmail dot com

  36. Oh, my gosh, I LOVE her site!! I want a "got twins?" t-shirt!

  37. I'd get the twins yoga pants and some shirts for my kiddos

  38. Like DFB on fb

  39. got your button on my sidebar!

  40. I like the twins man on man defense shirt, melissa & doug puzzles, and the mom to the power of 2 shirt


  41. "Yes, I do have my hands full Long Sleeve"

    dbombach at gmail dot com

  42. Shannon @ Lifelong Impressions

    I like the seeing double shirts.

  43. I love the "yes I have my hands full!"

  44. i like them on fb

  45. I follow them on twitter

  46. button is on my blog

  47. I have bought several of the "I <3 Quads" tees for my family members … but I've never bought anything for myself or the kids! I'd take any of the quad stuff, for sure!

    Keep up with me, Ted, and our Fab Four at four-by-two.blogspot.com

  48. I like the just like daddy and just like mommy shirts.

  49. I became a fan on designed for babies facebook

  50. I would have to buy the "seeing double" tees for my boys, the "proud mama" shirt for me, and the "twins man to man defense" shirt for my hubby 🙂 Love it!

  51. I'd get the seeing double shirts- one in green and one in blue 🙂

  52. I am a fan on facebook

  53. I follow on twitter

  54. I have the event button on my blog

  55. People are always saying to me "boy you've sure got your hands full," so I would love to have that shirt!

  56. love the shirts, classy and fun! I think with $100 I could get the grandies great presents for Christmas!

  57. "like" on FB now, too!

  58. I love the Melissa & Doug range. My girls could really do with some new toys. I also love the diaper bags… I just use a backpack right now so these would be a treat

  59. Followed on Twitter

  60. With Christmas coming I would definitely get some toys and clothes for the babes!

  61. Button is on the blog

  62. I would get the "Got Triplets" tee (maybe the long sleeved and short sleeved tees!)

    I also want the tees about being like mommy!

  63. I like Design for Babies on FB!

  64. I follow Design for Babies on twitter!


  65. I like the The Alex Bag by Luci Bags

  66. liked them on FB

  67. have button on my blog

  68. Kat at TwinParenthood

    I like the MoM to the power of 4 long sleeved shirt… and proud dad of twins… Great stuff!

  69. I love the seeing double shirts and then the super mom shirt and maybe the got twins shirt.

  70. I have the blog button on my blog. http://www.thelanebunch.blogspot.com

  71. I love all the Melissa & Doug toys as well as the triplet mom and dad t-shirts.

  72. Already "like" Designed for Babies on FB.

  73. Got twins capris! Sweet!! 🙂

  74. I like them on facebook

  75. I follow them on twitter

  76. And I have your button

  77. I would get the "seeing double" onsies for my twin boys.

  78. I have your button on my side bar. And I have liked them on fb.


  79. I like the Got Twins? yoga pants & the Seeing Double onesies!

  80. Have the party button on my blog

  81. Gina @ MoneywiseMoms

    I love her Mom shirts–especially the twin ones!

  82. love the got twins!!

  83. follower on face book

  84. button on my blog!!

  85. I would get my mom and mother in law grandma2 shirts and a mom2 shirt for me 🙂

  86. What wouldn't I buy?! First purchase for sure would be the Domestic Diva shirt!

  87. I like Designed for Babies on FB

  88. I would get a new diaper bag! They are really cute.

  89. I like Designed for Babies on FB.

  90. I like the seeing double tee and proud father of twins!

  91. I like the "I'm the favorite" t-shirts! Cute giveaway!

  92. I have your button on my side bar!

  93. Shooting Stars Mag

    i would love the The Trey Bag by Luci Bags or the Addison bag. both are too cute!

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  94. Shooting Stars Mag

    follow sponsor on twitter: shootingstarmag

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  95. Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings

    I just love this: The Addison Bag by Luci Bags!!!

  96. Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings

    I "like" you on FB.

  97. Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings

    I have the button on my blog.

  98. The brady diaper bag. Beautiful!

  99. I love the I have my hands full shirt…and the super mom shirt, too. But the proud Grandma and grandpa of twins would be great presents, too!

  100. Double the Giggles

    I'm in love with the zebra print diaper bag!

  101. Double the Giggles

    Like them on fb 😉

  102. I love the twin maternity shirts and all the Melissa and Doug toys.

  103. Liked Designed for Babies on Facebook (Annette Fr)

  104. Following Designed for Babies on Twitter (ourseasonsofjoy)

  105. Added your button to the sidebar of my blog

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