End of Summer Blog Party Giveaway #19: iCarly

We are almost halfway through day two of the End of Summer Blog Party! Don’t forget to check out all of the other awesome giveaways!

Let’s keep our prizes rolling with iCarly: iSpace Out.

This all new iCarly DVD features six new-to-DVD episodes plus special features and a bonus episode! All of the episodes on this DVD are out of this world! The episodes include:

iSpace Out: The iCarly gang is asked to perform the first live web show from outer space.

iWas a Pageant Girl: Sam convinces Carly to compete in the Miss Teen Seattle Pageant after revealing that she used to compete in pageants.
iEnrage Gibby: Gibby discovers Freddie and his girlfriend in a compromising position and vows revenge.

iFix a Popstar: Carly, Sam and Freddie agree to make a music video for a pop star who’s trying to make a comeback, only the star is out of shape and untalented.

iWon’t Cancel the Show: When Sam ends up in jail, Carly and Freddie vow that the web show must go on.

iBelieve in Bigfoot: Carly and her friends embark on a search to prove that Bigfoot exists.

One lucky reader will win their very own copy of iCarly: iSpace Out! For a required entry simply tell us you favorite iCarly character and why.

For additional entries:
  • Tweet about this giveaway (@multiplesnmore is giving away a copy of iCarly iSpace Out with @NickelodeonDVD!) you can tweet once a day until Sunday Sept. 19th.
  • Add the End of Summer Blog Party Button to your sidebar
  • Tell us your favorite iCarly episode

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  1. Carly is my fav, she is funny, happy and tries to do good.

  2. The one above is my fav when Sam goes to jail.

  3. I like Samantha b/c she's so cute!

  4. I have your button on my blog

  5. I like the bigfoot episode!!!

  6. Carly, she's just like my daughter!

  7. I added the button on my blog.

  8. Spencer! He's like the cool Big brother I never had!

  9. Carly because she is funny!

  10. The End of Summer Blog Party button is on my sidebar.

  11. Favorite episode: iTwins

  12. I don't watch it, but my girls sure love it! They have to watch episodes on the computer, because we don't get cable TV where we live. They would LOVE to win this giveaway!

  13. My big kid, aka my husband, watches iCarly and his favorite character is Spencer. He is pretty funny

  14. Favorite episode is probably one when Carly's old best friend comes to town

  15. Shooting Stars Mag

    I love Sam. She's really hilarious and fun.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  16. When your child comes up to you and asks you for an iCarly themed birthday party, you may not know what they are talking about. You may also be a bit nervous as you wonder how you can put on an iCarly birthday party.

    iCarly Party Supplies

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