End of Summer Blog Party Giveaway #18: klzart

We cannot believe how many giveawaysare going on right now! Have you checked them out yet?

Our next giveaway comes from one of our fellow twin MoM’s Kelly of klzart! Kelly’s etsy shop is full of the most adorable onezies, twinzies and tripzies! Her creations come in sizes NB-24 months for the onezies and 2T and up for the Twinz Teez.

All of the shirts in this shop made with multiples in mind. Her all new Halloween onezies say “Trick” or “Treat”, I can tell you which one of my kids would wear which without hesitating. Kelly has also started making her creations for the Christmas season with selection like “Cocoa” and “Marshmallow” and “Ho” “Ho” “Ho” (perfect for that Christmas card photo!).

Today one lucky reader will win their very own set of either twinzies or Twinz Teez of “Trick” or “Treat”. For a required entry simply visit the klzart etsy shop and tell us your favorite designs.

For additional entries:
  • “Like” klzart on Facebook
  • Tweet about this giveaway (@multiplesnmore is giving away Trick or Treat Twinzies from klzart during the #endofsummerblogparty!) You can tweet once a day until Sunday September 19th
  • Tell us your favorite funny twin combo (example: bacon and eggs)
Good luck!


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  1. apple and orange or mac and cheese


  2. My favorite is the milk and cookies — but I would totally get a "Go ND" set, if she had them.

  3. I love the night and day t shirts. So adorable!

  4. I think chocolate and peanut butter would make great twin shirts….or wine and cheese

  5. Smores for Triplets! that is TOO cute!

  6. I like them on FB!

  7. I love the peanut butter and jelly design

  8. Sugar and Spice

  9. Milk and cookies!

  10. Stars and Stripes are cute, too

  11. I love the rock, paper, scissors onesie!

  12. I would like a sugar and spice.

  13. i love the Bacon & Eggs onesies!

  14. i just tweeted about the giveaway!

  15. I like klzart on fb.

  16. I love the cocoa and marshmallows one!

  17. I 'like' klzart on facebook.

  18. My favorite funny twin combo is Bacon & Eggs. My twins are so different it fits perfectly.

  19. I like her shop on FB 🙂

  20. I tweeted.


  21. Peanut butter and jelly. My kids love it!

  22. Squirrel and Nut 🙂

  23. I love the Potty training tees!

  24. Like klzart on fb

  25. Mac and cheese is my fav combo 😉

  26. My fav on etsy is the trick and treat shirts.

  27. I love the Cookies & Milk Twinz Teez!

  28. My fav is the trick or treat shirts.

  29. Well, my favorite food combo is peanut butter and chocolate, but I've never seen a twin onesie combo like that 😉

  30. Coco and marshmellows, yummy!!!!!

  31. I like the sugar & spice shirts!


  32. I love the Smores Tripzies!

  33. Milk and cookies

  34. I love the rock & roll set!

  35. I like klzart on facebook

  36. I'm loving this new Trick or Treat design! I also LOVE the PB&J, even though I'm allergic to the PB. lol

  37. I like klzart on Facebook.

  38. Sugar and Spice
    I'm trying to figure out a good Storm/Hurricane and the Eye combo, because that's my girls.
    Song and Dance
    Rhyme and Reason?

  39. The sugar and spice would totally fit my girls.

    reallyareyouserious at gmail dot com

  40. green eggs and ham? okay, maybe not my favorite…but funny.
    reallyareyouserious at gmail dot com

  41. The sleigh and bells design is very cute!

  42. I think my twins could be a good "comedy" and "tragedy." :o)

  43. I love the Trick and Treat shirts. My fave design!

  44. A combo suggestion: Burger and Fries

  45. Smores or Rock, Scissors, Paper. Too cute!

  46. I like the "fruit" and "cake" combo.

  47. I like KLZart on Facebook.

  48. Favorite twin combo: "Whine" and cheese!

  49. I really like the milk and cookie t-shirts

  50. I like the big boy potty trained shirt.


  51. Shannon @ Lifelong Impressions

    I love BIG Boy/Girl Pants Potty Trained Teez

  52. I like the milk and cookies Twin Teez!

  53. Visited the website and the Milk and Cookies twinzees is my favorite.

  54. Liked klzart.com on Facebook (Annette F)

  55. I know it's probably overdone, but my favorite twin combo is "Thing One" and "Thing Two".

  56. I love the GO BLUE! longsleeved onesies! So great!

  57. My favorite twin combo is thing one and thing two!

  58. Fave item is the trick or treat.


  59. oh man, the "night" and "day" set would be perfect for our boys! also love, love, love, the "rock" and "roll" set with the guitars!

  60. Fave twin combo is Peat and RePeat

  61. I like them on FB

  62. funny combo for me is "day and night"

  63. my favorite design was the smores for trips

  64. I love the chocolate and marshmallow!

  65. Funniest would be the mac and cheese!

  66. I like the Salt and pepper!

  67. like them on FB

  68. I like the Apple and Orange b/c my girls are SO different

  69. I can't decide between ketchup and mustard or bacon and eggs!

  70. I like salt and pepper because it is our girls!!

  71. I love the peas and carrots!!

  72. Like the "Rock, Paper, Scissors Tripzies (onesies for triplets)" for our boys.

  73. "Liked" on fb.

  74. twin combo: salt and pepper

  75. Kat at TwinParenthood

    My fave is the sugar and spice

  76. Sugar and spice for sure!

  77. I like Peas and Carrots Twinzies
    dbombach at gmail dot com

  78. I love the rock and roll teez…my kids are Rock Stars!!

  79. The cookies and milk are adorable!

  80. Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings

    I love the "Stars" and "Stripes"

  81. Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings

    I "like" on FB.

  82. Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings

    I just LOVE "Trick" and "Treat"- this would be too cute and funny for all who know my twins!!!

  83. LOVE the ideas everyone!!! keep checking back as i am always adding new designs and i LOVE custom orders! next up: "frank & beans" for twin boys!!!!
    hey texasred- i HAVE notre dame ones! just listed them again for you 😉

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