Encouraging Positive Interaction

A topic that everyone seemed to want to see discussed was how to encourage positive interaction amongst their multiples. I was really excited to see that I was not the only one that wanted more information on the topic (read: I was excited that I wasn’t the only one having this issue). My kiddos have two extremes, they love each other or they cannot stand each other, there is no middle ground. I spend most of my day saying things like, “Leave her alone! Don’t touch him! Give her back that toy! Share!” . This being said I in no way claim to be an expert in this field so I had to reach out and thankfully our friends at Nannies4hire.com sent over these tips:

* TEACH YOUR CHILDREN TO TALK IT OUT -NICELY. This means no name calling, accusations or whining.

* TELL YOUR KIDS TO LISTEN TO EACH OTHER. This is also an important life skill – learning to listen and respond to other people’s opinions.

* LET THEM WORK IT OUT. It’s important for children to learn how to resolve their differences – you shouldn’t swoop in to mediate every dispute.

* SEPARATE THEM, AS NECESSARY. Sometimes your kids are going to be so upset with each other that they’ll need time apart to calm down. Put them in separate rooms and encourage them to play by themselves for a little while.

* PRAISE POSITIVE BEHAVIOR. If you recognize your kids for being kind to each other, you’ll encourage them to demonstrate this behavior more often.

* SPEND QUALITY TIME ALONE WITH EACH CHILD. Let them pick a special activity and enjoy your one-on-one time with them. Listen to what they’re saying and reinforce how important they are to you.

I really want today’s post to be more of a discussion so let’s get those comments rolling today! How do you encourage positive interaction? What tips can you share?

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  1. Tami of the Twin Factory

    This is how I try to model behavior for my kids and how I deal with their squabbles. It's always good to have your efforts validated by others! Thanks for posting!

  2. My twins aren't quite 2 and we are already trying to do this on a small scale. When my daughter gets mad because her brother stole her toy, I tell her to go ask if he will give it back. Then I tell him we can't just take toys and will he please give it back to her and when she is done, he can have a turn. We also encourage ni-nite hugs and kisses with each other. Lastly, we have been learning about things that aren't nice and they have to give a hug and say "sowwy". It's really neat to see them get it. Now I just have to teach my son to be a little more gentle with his hug – good thing his sister doesn't mind being tackled with a hug!

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  4. Like JoLynn, my girls are nearly two, and I was pleased to find that we are somewhat putting these ideas into place now. When they argue over a toy, I try to make sure that whoever had it first gets to play with it first, but sometimes, I just have to let them work it out. We also encourage hugs and kisses and apologies when the girls are squabbling.

  5. Thanks for a great post! This is something I really needed to hear right now!

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