Double Time

I had the wonderful opportunity to read an advanced copy of Jane Roper’s heartfelt memoir,  ‘Double Time’. The book chronicles Roper’s first three years with her twins, Clio and Elsa.

If Roper’s name sounds familiar, it may be because you’ve read her blog on Babble, Baby Squared. Or, possibly, you’ve picked up her other book, a work of fiction, ‘Eden Lake’.

‘Double Time’ doesn’t only chronicle the first three years of her kiddos lives, but it also chronicles her battle with clinical depression. I know how overwhelming raising twins is on it’s own, but trying to raise twins, while writing a novel and battling depression, plus everything in between, I just cannot imagine.

There are so many great excerpts in the book and there are so many moments that you will find yourself nodding your head and saying out loud, “Been there, done that!”.  Whether she is talking about those first times venturing out of the house, solo, with infant twins, or the ridiculous questions you get asked, or (dum dum dum) the grocery store, you can relate to what she went through. One of my favorite quotes from the book is, “Look, I’m not a freak of nature here. And my children aren’t either. They’re just two small people that happened to be born at the same time. Get over it already. (Says the woman writing a book about twins.)”

If you are pregnant with twins you definitely need to pick up this book when it hits shelves May 8th. This is hands down the most honest book on what it’s like raising twins the first three years. It also opens readers up to the sometimes hidden world of depression.

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Check back on May 9th to see if you’ve won! Thanks again to Jane Roper and the wonderful people at St. Martin’s Press for letting me preview ‘Double Time’!

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  1. How do we enter to win?

  2. I’d love to read this book – even though I’m already past the first three years. If only for some vlaidation that what I’ve been through and what I’m thinking is perfectly normal of a mom of multiples.

  3. I really enjoyed Eden Lake and I am looking forward to reading Double Time. Thank you for the giveaway.

  4. My best time for the Moms of Multiples is to spend some time with families with twins before the big arrival.

  5. Get help! That’s my biggest tip! 🙂 With meals, cleaning, other kids…get it!
    Krystle recently posted…More than a smile….My Profile

  6. Get as much help as you can. And be willing to go with what works – co-sleep, don’t co-sleep, etc.

  7. I agree w/above: Get help! LOVE Jane Roper’s blog!

  8. I’m really looking forward to reading this book. I think it will be very useful to get the point of view of another twin mum.

  9. Great giveaway!
    Samantha recently posted…Old ThoughtsMy Profile

  10. I’m expecting twins and would love to get a real outlook on it by reading this book!
    Amber recently posted…Poor only childMy Profile

  11. tip for new MoMs: keep your babies on as close to the same schedule as possible! Feed them together, nap them together!

  12. The best tip I can recommend for new parents of multiples is a schedule!

  13. The challenges change as time goes by, but it does get easier. You will sleep someday. In fact, you will look back and long for their early months! Enjoy it! Savor it!
    Steph @ The Silly Pearl recently posted…Craft Tutorial: Date Night BoxMy Profile

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