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We are now closed to new entries!!!

We are so excited to announce our first contest! Doesn’t it stink having to choose which child to enter in a cute baby contest? Now, you can enter them all! We are accepting submissions for our “Cutest Multiples Contest”! It’s our first contest, so we are going to keep it simple.. here are the details:

-Non-professional photos ONLY will be considered

-Photos must have been taken within 6 months of today (March 29th, 2009)

-Submissions must be of twins or higher-order multiples only, and all kids must be in a single photo

-You must be a follower of this blog

-There is no age requirement for this contest

-Only one photo per family, please

To enter, submit your photo to, along with your name, kids’ names and ages, mailing address, and blog address. You do NOT have to have your own blog to enter.

We will accept submissions until 5pm, April 30th. At that point, our judges (a panel of 5 MoMs) will narrow the field down to 10 finalists, which will be posted on the blog on May 1st. We will then open up the contest to the public for 11 days to vote on the finalists, and announce the official winner on May 12th.

We have confirmed our prizes for our Cutest Multiples Contest! We are so excited to announce that our winning family will receive the following:

If you have been making your photobooks with Mypublisher, or Snapfish- stop! Heritage Makers makes the most beautiful and unique digital scrapbooks, that far exceed the possibilities of what you can do with other photobook companies. They also offer other great photo items, such as calendars, playing cards, greeting cards, canvases and posters. Want a nice keepsake, but too busy to deal with designing it? You can even hire a consultant to do the design for you!

Shannon has generously offered to donate the following items for our winners:

First prize: 1 – 8×8 Storybook Credit – (Retail $49.95), and 1 30 Day Free Premier Account with Heritage Makers- (Retail $24.95)

Second Prize: 1 – 30 day Free Premier Account – (Retail $24.95), and 1 – 5×5 Storybook Credit – (Retail $34.95)

Third Prize
: 1 – 30 day free Premier Account – (Retail $24.95), and 1 – Card Game Deck (Retail $24.95)

One pair of See Kai Run shoes for each child in the first prize winning photo! Shoes will be the winner’s choice, from the ‘Smaller’ or ‘See Kai Run’ line, subject to availability.

See Kai Run shoes sport unique, trendy styles with flexible soles and breathable linings. These shoes are adorable, AND comfortable, which is a tough combination to find. And as a company, See Kai Run is one that you can feel good about buying from; they have donated thousands of pairs of shoes to children in need, as well as provided finanical support to charitable organizations such as UNICEF.

Our first prize winners will also earn a reward for Mommy! Our winning mommy will receive a Clean-n-Casual makeup kit from Mommy Makeup. This is the perfect kit for mommies like us without a lot of time! In this one makeup kit, you have everything you need to get a complete, finished look in under six minutes! The kits come in your choice of skin tone, and contain the following:

“Paint by Number” Instructions & Face Chart
Mommy’s Little Helper Concealer
Mineral Dual Powder SPF8
Mineral Powder Bronzer
Barely Blushing Lip & Cheek Tint
Lush Mascara
Black Mesh Makeup Bag

Check out Mommy Makeup for more great makeup kits and individual products for busy moms like us!

Now, for our second prize winners, we have a couple cool things for you too! Did you see our review of Mabel’s Labels last week? Well, we have graciously been offered a personalized set of sticky labels for each child in the second-place photograph! These labels are waterproof, dishwasher safe and UV resistant, so they will hold up over time, and are great for sippy cups, bottles, toys- anything that can get lost or mixed up! With little kids.. that’s pretty much everything.

Mabel’s Labels also carries a variety of other great products, including “mama cards”, 411 bracelets, and stationary.

Our second prize winners will also receive this beautiful monogrammed necklace from The Vintage Chain

The Vintage Chain offers many hand-stamped personalized, sterling silver necklaces, as well as pet ID tags. The designs in this shop are perfect for moms of multiples!

For our third prize winner, we have a $20.00 gift certificate to DoubleUp Books! This store has, by far, the biggest selection of books on raising multiples that we have ever some across. Their website is a wealth of information for moms (and families) of multiples, so check them out!

The winner will also have their blog featured right here on May 12th.

OK, that’s all for now! What are you waiting for? Go find us a picture and send it in!

As always, remember to go visit your fellow MoMs blogs and leave a comment to let them know you stopped by!

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  1. The Little Black Box

    Great contest just entered!

  2. Awesome idea! Now off to find the winning photo;)

  3. ooooh! Exciting! Now I need to search through 6 months worth of photos. LOL

  4. So excited just entered!!!

  5. Oh how fun. I am going to find a photo now!

  6. The Eadle Family

    Hey, I’m new around here! What a cool place!

  7. Thanks for the heads up on your blog! Have to go see if I can dig up a picture to enter the contest:)

  8. I never quite realized how little I get my children photographed together until the only photo I found that I thought was nice enough to send in was taken in January *sigh*. I might just hold out a little bit longer and see if I can take another one between now and April 30th.

  9. I love this blog! Great contest. I just sent in my entry.

  10. hopefully we’ll get an adorable pic at Easter to throw into the mix!

  11. I love your blog! I just grabbed your button for my blog!

  12. Great Idea! I just sent in my entry. 🙂

  13. Mother of Multiples

    Hummm..time to get a pic of my twins or my trips…well lets just go with the best pic I can find……The joy of mulitple multiples

  14. I’m glad there is a blog for multiples. I’m going nuts here.

  15. Great contest! I just entered!

  16. I can’t figure out how to enter the photo…I’m sure it’s right in front of me. Any ideas? thanks

  17. UGH! I CAN’T decide which picture to send in! It’s driving me crazy! lol eeny meeny miny….

  18. Fun! I just entered! Can’t wait to see the finalists.

  19. My sister just found your blog and sent me here! I just entered and am so excited to have found your blog!

  20. Fun…I just sent a photo!

  21. I just entered, I can’t wait to see all the cute kids!

  22. I had triplets in Feb 2009 one died the little girl the two boyys are healthy happy with their brother just one year older its been a crazy ride sometimes to overwhelming just looking for some honest people to chat with.

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