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This week’s Photo of the Week comes from Leia, mommy to three year old fraternal twins, Ethan and Hunter! These boys have twin cousins just 2.5 months younger than they are- how cool is that? This is Ethan, Hunter, Brooke, and Mikayla.

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Today’s question of the week is:

Are you a fan of the show Jon & Kate +8? Do you think it’s fair to their children to grow up being videotaped as much as they are? Would you consider being on a reality show about your family?

We want to hear your thoughts! Have a great Sunday!

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  1. I like to watch it occasionally. I don’t know if I’d do a reality show. I’d have to think about it.

  2. I do watch periodically. I’m not sure, sometimes I love it, other times Kate grates on my nerves. If I could count how many times people see me out with my kids(5 under 6years old) and ask if I watch this show!!! I just laugh now! I am not sure if I would do it, I guess it would depend on a lot of things, but I would only do it if every one was on board and the minute that one of us was not happy, it would be over!

  3. cute picture of the week!
    I never watch the show, I can’t stand Kate. I think she is rude and very demanding….especially to her husband. I think to each their own on doing a reality TV show…but I personally couldn’t do that, I personally dont think its fair to the kids.

  4. The Hughes Triplets

    After meeting Kate this week, I’m not really a fan of the show. I really think it is more about her then the kids anymore. Doing our own show I don’t know. I guess I would have to keep the house cleaner for that lol. Anyway I just wrote a blog about this.

  5. I watch the show and USED to enjoy it. Now, it just seems Kate gets meaner with every episode! Also, you can tell John does not want to do it any more but I think she just wants to do it for her own personal reasons. I think it was a good show to start out with but now, it is all about her and her horrible attitude. She is mean and does not have any patience at all! I love the kids though and I think John is an awesome guy! Maybe this is just how the show portrays her, but I do not know as I do not know her personally. But I think the kids are getting old enough now that they need to move on to bigger and better things. I am sure their college is paid for now.

  6. OH. Ps, I too get asked all the time if I watch the show. I mean come on people, just because I have multiples does not mean I have to watch a show about multiples!

  7. This is a great Question…considering I am asked this a million times day. "Do you watch that Kate & 8" or "Are you going to a have a bunch more next time to get your own show"…blah, blah, blah. Seriously, but NO!

    To be honest, I have watched the show 1 time and HATE it!. Kate is mean, overbearing, RUDE, and treates Jon like he is one of the kids. If you have help, you need to be thankful for it!

    Reality TV is not REALITY…it is what some producer wants it to be. I really wish it(reality TV) would just go away. I wonder where our morals and values went when Reality TV became popular.

    As always, this is just an opinion. Definitely not meant to hurt feelings. ; )

  8. I appear to be in the minority here but I think I have watched every episode of Jon & Kate + 8. I had on a marathon when I brought the boys home and it really helped to see what the future could bring. It's also one of the only shows my hubby and I watch together. I agree that her rants at Jon are over the top at times but I can relate to that. I am a type A personality that has a vision of how the day will proceed in my head. If something does not go according to "plan" I don't always respond very well. I think the fear of chaos on outings is overwhelming for Kate with 8 because it is for me with 3. I have relaxed as the boys have gotten older and I think Kate has as well.

    I think this relaxing has allowed her focus to shift from the kids to her personal improvement. I will also admit that I enjoyed the show more when she was in sweats and a t-shirt snapping at people. I don't relate much to the woman obsessed with her personal appearance (tanning and addicted to shopping) that is dressed to the nines to deliver cookies to the go-green work crew, snapping at people. Does anyone remember the episode when Jon had to take her shopping because she did not know how to dress and hated to shop????? Bring that Kate back please!

    I also don't like the obvious product placement ads within the show. I will continue to watch but I find myself a little more disconnected each time because it is moving from a show about their family to a show about making them money.

    Would I do a reality TV show, probably not because I would not want our dirty laundry shared. I would want too much control over what is aired. With that said, everyone of us with a blog has put our family out there on display for all to "view." Bringing in a camera is only one step further to bring some income into the home.

    Last note… I love reality TV! I don't believe it is reality but I still enjoy everything from Jon & Kate to Dancing with the Stars to Idol to Amazing Race. Yep, I am responsible for the decline American society.

    What a fun post! I can't be the only one that likes this show so please others speak up. I know the popular position is to hate them and hate Kate. I can't be alone in my position or the show would have been canceled long ago….

  9. I happen to love watching the show…my triplets do, too. Her six are the same age as my three so our experiennces/stages are always alike, so I find that to be interesting.

    I don’t think I would want to do a show. Too many people peeking in on my life. 🙂

  10. I really don’t care for the show. I don’t know how Kate is in reality, but she’s heinous on the show. The few times I’ve watched it I’ve cringed at her behavior towards her husband. Who knows what it’s really like in that household, though.

    I'm also tired of being asked if I'm going to have as many kids as her or the octomom or what I think of them or if I watch J&K+8. I think she's part of the reason (and the new show Table for 12) are part of the reason that people have unreal beliefs in regards to fertility treatments.

    I don't think I'd ever do a reality show. I don't think it is such a bad thing for the kids at their ages, but as they get older it could definitely cause issues.

  11. I’ve seen most of the episodes and I think only b/c it’s like a bad car accident – I can’t stop looking. I think in the beginning the show was good but now it is all about the free stuff they get.

    I don’t know if I would put my family in a reality show – maybe a documentary about what our life is like but not a series.

  12. Yes, I am a big fan of John & Kate plus 8 and I think they are awesome…it's the realness of life. Goodness, if we were video taped in our homes…boy we'd have a lot of critics when we lose our patience.

    I think they way they handle their kids getting video taped is honorable…they don't force their kids if they don't want to be video taped. Notice on some shows, not all the kids are on TV…Mady & Cara mostly!

  13. Sean Patrick and Emma Jane

    I agree she is very condescending to her husband and treats him like he is stupid. I don’t like the show because I think its all about appearances and money for her. I personally would not do a reality show, especially if it involved my children. I feel like your selling your private life for money.

  14. Okay, I love the show! I agree that kate is often unkind, particularly to Jon, but I also understand what pressure they must both be under with so many children the same age. I heard the two of them speak at a local church a year or so ago and they discussed the fact that every fight they have, every harsh word makes the episodes, which was not always the case for every kind and happy moment.

    Nevertheless, I like the show. Every time I watch it I think, if they did that with 8 kids, I can do it with 4! Plus it gives me perspective! When my quads are too much for me, I can step back and say, at least there aren’t more of them!

  15. I liked it early on when it was more about the sheer logistics of two real people, with an otherwise normal life making it work with 8 kids.

    Now that they’ve made alot of money and gotten so much free stuff from doing the show (and good for them – I think alot of people, if put in their position, would do the same thing…) it just isn’t that interesting to me any more. Going on vacations and photoshoots every other episode may be true to their life, bit it’s just not the meaty family reality – which is what I enjoyed… I haven’t caught any of the episodes this season in their entirety and I honestly haven’t missed it.

  16. I do watch the show. My 5 year old daughter LOVES it! I have also been asked if I watch it more times than I can remember. I did like it better before they started getting everything free. Seems like that is all the show is about now-all the free trips they get. I would not do a reality show.

  17. Great photo to start the blog off with!!

    Wow!! Jon & Kate are a mess. When the show started, she was a regular SAHM… she carried about the kids and they were her main priority.

    Ever since her tummy tuck and lipo (and her show becoming such a hit) she has been a little self indulgent. I am, personally, not into that.

    All she does is eat salad and tan. Some may say, if it makes her feel good, then great. In my opinion she's doing it for selfish reasons.

    Jon no longer seems happy doing the show.

    I think the children will continue to act out (Maddie)and they will begin to hate the lime light. But I suppose that's the price you pay to exploit your family and children.

    That last sentence should sum up my answer to "Would you consider doing a reality show".

  18. I say each their own, personally I do love Jon & Kate and have watched it from time to time, not religiously though because honestly, there are better things to watch on TV.

    I would never consider even for a moment exposing my children to the limelight like that. It's one thing to do an occasional acting/modeling/whatever gig, but to have cameras in your house so often and subjecting yourselves to constant criticism just isn't my thing. Let's face it, how many of these kinds of shows are trying to portray the family in their best light. They tend to do what is best for ratings. Period. It's certainly not for me.

  19. I actaully like to watch the show when nothing else is on. The boy slike to watch it also – just something with kids on there they can relate to it. I think eventaully it will complicate their lives having it vodeo taped the whole time and they will have to stop.

  20. I found the Jon and Kate show when I was first pregnant with my triplets. I needed to see it. I needed to see some one with more kids than I had handle every day life. The show showed me that I could handle triplets and a 2 year old.
    I was a faithful watcher for a while until they seems to sell out. The show was not about their lives but all the stuff that they got to do b/c of the popularity.
    They just seem to being getting more and more stuff and I think that in the long run, its hurting their family and their kids are going to resent them for keeping this show up for so long, especially as the older girls start to reach the teenage years.

  21. Did anyone see the show where the children were forced to wear sweaters in 100 degree heat for a magazine cover shoot??????? I think if they are doing a reality show and making money, then the children should be covered by child labor laws. Seeing as they obviously are not, I can’t watch it anymore.

  22. Honestly? I like it! I’m kind of ashamed of myself for liking it, but I can’t help it! lol Their kids are downright adorable, and it’s comforting to know that there is someone out there who has a MUCH more difficult situation who actually seems to pull it off. When I’m feeling super stressed out I sometimes tell myself, “Well if Kate can do it, so can I!!!”

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