Crafting with kids: Spring Memory Books

Creating memories for each season is something that I love to do with my children. Last year I found mini scrapbooks in the $1 section at Target and had the kids create their own Spring Book. They added stickers and drew pictures on each of the pages, creating what was their definition of spring. This year, now that they are just a little bit older, I decided to have them make the actual books. In fact, we have made a book for each of the children in their preschool class that we will give them around Easter. This book has a dozen blank pages which the children can use to write, draw, add photographs, or embellish with stickers, dried flowers, anything that they want to remember their spring adventures.

Handmade Spring Memory Book

What you need:

Foam sheets

Card stock


Washable paint (in assorted colors)

Cookie Cutters (spring themed)

Hemp, cord or ribbon (whatever you have on hand)

To make:

I began the project by cutting the front and back cover (from white foam sheets) and pages for the inside from card stock. I used a 4×6 photograph as my template ensuring that I left enough space for a border around it – so the book would measure about 5×7”.

Next, the kids set to work making the front cover for each book. I like to call this cookie cutter art. I set up re-usable plates with a thin layer of paint in each, you want to use a plate as opposed to a bowl because you don’t want all of the paint to end up in the middle and then leave lots of excess paint on the paper as it’s stamped.

Cookie Cutter Art

This made lovely spring-themed painted images on plain white card stock that we would use on the front cover of each spring book, once they had dried.


It’s important to wipe off each cookie cutter as it’s been used so that you don’t end up with excess paint, or risk mixing the colors before the next page is stamped.

Once the paint was dry, Marisol set to work attaching each piece of card to the foam cover using foam mounting pads.

Foam Mounting Pads

Once all of the covers were finished, we hole-punched 2 holes along the side of each of the covers and internal pages and threaded a piece of hemp through each hole and tied it together.

And the final product:

Spring memory book

Happy Crafting!



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  1. Looks like one we are going to have to try at my house. Thanks for sharing!

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