Crafting with Kids: Santa Belt Treat Cups

The kids and I are knee-deep in Christmas crafting and fun holiday food. Next to Halloween, Christmas is my favorite time for making fun food and crafts with them.

This is our latest project:

Aren’t these cute?  They are so fun for the holiday season and so versatile too.  You can use them for all kinds of holiday parties including craft parties, school parties, and cookie parties.  Just fill each cup with small craft items, treats, or with edible toppings.  You could even fill a small treat bag with goodies and place inside the cup for fun holiday gifting.

What you need:

  • Treat cups (any color will do, but preferably red)
  • Red paint (if you don’t find red cups)
  • Black paper
  • Golf glitter paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

To make:

If you didn’t find red treat cups (I happened to have these yellow ones from Thanksgiving) then paint your cup with 2 coats of red paint.  I also added an extra coat of glitter for a little sparkle.  It’s just not the holidays without a whole lot of glitter at our house.

The reason I suggest you do this is we don’t want any paint around the top or inside the cup because we don’t to risk any food touching where the paint is.

While you are painting set the kids to work cutting.  They can begin by cutting thin black strips of paper to make the belt and then gold squares for the buckle.

Once Miss M had cut the gold squares I used an X-ACTO knife to cut out the center of each buckle.

Using a glue stick have the kids glue the belt around the cup and then attach the buckle.

The kids decided to fill their Santa belt treat cups with lots of yummy goodies for decorating their gingerbread house.

Have you made any fun holiday crafts with your kids yet? Leave me links or let me know in the comments, I’d love to see them.

Happy crafting!



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