Crafting With Kids: Holiday Crafting

If you are looking for a simple, practical craft to do with the kids for the holidays, then this one is for you.

Handmade Glitter Napkin Rings.  They look so sparkly and festive and the kids loved making them, plus they will make a lovely addition to our holiday table.  As a bonus, they can be used for dinner parties not only during the holiday season, but year-round too.

What you need:

Cardboard rolls (ie from paper towels)

Mod Podge and brush


X-Acto Knife

To make:

With a pencil, place a mark on the cardboard roll to the size you want to make the napkin ring.  Wrap a scrap of paper around the cardboard roll at that mark and using your X-Acto knife, carefully cut the roll.  Note: if you use scissors the roll is less likely to retain its shape.

Once you have all of your cardboard rolls cut, pour some glitter in a bowl, it’s time for the kids to decorate.

Have the kids brush a fairly thick (not so thick that it’s dripping) layer of mod podge onto a cardboard roll, then roll it in glitter.

As each cardboard roll is covered in glue, then glitter, stand it on it’s end to dry.

Once dry, gently tap each napkin ring on a piece of paper to shake off any excess glitter, then apply a layer of mod podge over the top.  Leave overnight to dry.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.



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  1. I love this! It goes perfectly with my Alpine Sparkle theme this year and I will be using the idea at my kids table.
    Dawn Sandomeno recently posted…Fresh Cranberry Sauce RecipeMy Profile

  2. Great idea. We don’t get mod-podge in Australia I don’t think so anyway.
    I do find that the glitter always falls off after gluing. Can it be sprayed with something after? We are decorating craft wood tea light holders and lots of the glittery bits are falling off after they are dry. Any suggestions.
    Can’t wait for some Chrissy craft ideas.

    • Hello fellow Aussie :). Yes, I don’t think you get mod podge over there either. I would use a decoupage glue. You can use an acrylic spray sealer, but I find that brushed on glue (as opposed to spray) keeps the glitter from coming off so much better. It needs to be something that will dry clear.
      Tonya Staab recently posted…Pumpkin Pie White Hot ChocolateMy Profile

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