Crafting with Kids: Halloween Paper Bats

How many of you are addicted to Pinterest? I know I am. Every day I pop on there to see what my friends are pinning and pin a few things myself. The problem is, there are not nearly enough hours in the day to create all of the wonderful things I come across, so I have been trying to make a more conscious effort lately to create a things few here and there that have inspired me.

My kids have all been sick over the past few days so we decided to take this opportunity to decorate for Halloween.  My daughter loves to craft and wanted to make something for outside so when I came across this project on Pinterest from I knew that we had to do it.

Halloween Front door bats

The bats on Country Living’s website were apparently made from felt, but this can be difficult for kids to cut, especially if you are making a lot of them. So, I purchased a large sheet of black card stock and using a bat-shaped cookie cutter as a template I had Miss M trace around it as many times as she could until the whole sheet was covered.  She ended up being able to trace 38 bats.

Halloween Front door bats

We then cut out each bat and made a crease so the wings would fold up a little to make it appear that the bats are flying.

Once we were finished we attached a strip of removable poster tape to the back of each bat and stuck them to the front door.

Halloween Front door bats

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