Crafting with Kids: Flower Arranging

You may have realized by now that I am generally all about practical crafts, I rarely craft with the kids just for the sake of it, unless we are using up scraps or looking for a quiet indoor rainy day activity.  Most crafts we do serve a purpose, so when I was thinking about Mother’s Day crafts it dawned on me that I should teach my children how to do something practical that mom’s and grandmother’s are sure to love.  So, I decided to give them a lesson in flower arranging.  Whether your child wants to bring you breakfast in bed with a little vase of flowers on the tray, or is helping set the table for Mother’s Day lunch here are some simple ideas to get them started.

Method 1: The Vase

Whether you choose one variety of flowers, or a few different types, give your child free reign when it comes to arranging them in the vase.   They will need a hand cutting the stems though.  Maybe they would like to bring a little of the outdoors inside for this project too and include some wheat grass, large leaves, or even some interesting branches from the garden.

Method 2: The Fish Bowl

This flower arrangement let’s them get a little more creative.  Let them choose some decorative rocks, glass stones, shells, or marbles to place in the bottom of the vase, fill with water then have your child arrange the flowers inside.

Method 3: Canning Jars

Jars, or even tins are a fun way to arrange flowers.  You can pop them into old soda bottle or milk crates, or simply line them up down the center of the table.  Have your child place just one flower in each jar or can.  My daughter decided to make hers into a pattern – so there you go, there’s a little math thrown in for good measure.  They can even use this method to place a little flower on your breakfast tray when they bring you breakfast in bed.

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Happy crafting!



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