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The featured blogger this week is Charlene of Adventures in Mommy Land! Charlene is the proud MoM of 6 kids: Amanda, 19, Anthony, 18, twins Sarah and Zachary, 14, Nicholas, 10 and Nathan, 6.  Charlene has a ton of adorable crafts on her blog as well. After you learn more about Charlene here, head over to her blog to see her adorable crafts!
What made you decide to start a blog?
I first started this blog in 2006, we were getting ready to celebrate Nathan’s first birthday. I decided that I wanted/needed a place to start preserving my memories of the kids. They were doing all kinds of fun things and saying silly things and I wanted to write them all down. I wanted a way to capture all the memories. I read a magazine article about this woman with four sons (at the time, her family has since grown larger) and I thought her stories were cute and funny. Something that I could totally relate to. At the bottom of the page they had posted her blog. The name of it caught my attention, so I checked it out and I was hooked. I decided that I wanted to write a blog too.
At first, I mostly just wrote little things. Things the kids were doing that was funny. Like the time Nathan got into the peanut butter when I wasn’t looking. He was barely a year old and he somehow opened the jar and proceeded to smear it all over himself, the cat, the walls, the floors. It was a huge mess to clean. It’s funny now thinking of it, but at the time…well, you can just imagine how I felt. I love that I was able to catch that moment in time. Not only through pictures, but words as well. I wish I had thought of doing a blog of some sort years ago. The stories I could tell, being a mother of six.

I spent the first few years finding my niche. Between writing stories and sharing my feelings, I somehow came right back to where I always was…..a mom just trying to contain life’s little treasures and holding on tight to those precious memories. Now, my blog contains my family’s favorite recipes, crafts that I did with my children, photographs (that have probably gotten better with time and practice), and yes, more stories and antics of my family’s daily lives.

What is your biggest challenge being a Mom of 6 kids? 
Scheduling! There is always something going on that requires my attention.  I am constantly running someone to something and sometimes there are scheduling conflicts…two or more ball games with 2 or more children, concerts and other things.
Your twins are older, what are some tips you can offer to new, or fairly new, Moms and Dads of twins? 
Enjoy this time…I know everyone says that, but its true.  During those early years, it’s all about survival an just getting through all the rough stuff (sleepless nights, bottles, diapers, potty training), its not easy.  But once you get past all that, you really start to miss all that stuff.   Also, take lots and lots of pictures!!
Did you keep your twins in the same class or separate them?
We kept them in the same classroom from preschool to 5th grade.  Now in high school they have different interests and take different classes, but they still have a few classes together.
You have adorable crafts on your blog, where do you find your inspiration (or time for that matter)?
I love looking through children’s books.  Usually when I’m reading one to my younger boys, an idea will just pop in my head.  Sometimes, I will find other children’s sites and gather ideas for crafts.   As far as time, I make the time.  My youngest son loves crafts and asks almost every day to do a project.  Since he started school, we haven’t done as many crafts, but we still enjoy doing them together, so we try to find time during the week or on the weekends.
What question or questions do you have for the other families in the community? 
How do you do birthday parties for your twins? Do you always do joint or separate? I’m a twin and we’ve always had joint parties (that’s me and my twin brother in the above photo!) so I’m curious if that’s the norm.
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  1. Our girls are three, and we’ve done one party each year…but they each get their own candles / cake, and we sing “Happy Birthday” twice.

    As the girls get older, I’m sure we’ll re-evaluate. I can’t imagine having separate parties…but maybe it might make sense if they have far different interests and groups of friends at some point.

    I love Charlene’s blog! She has so many great craft ideas, and she truly does seem to *make time* for so many fun family activities.
    MandyE recently posted…We Love Dragonflies – {CRAFT}My Profile

  2. Your family is so beautiful! I love your blog it is full of fun new things to try with he kids. I love all the crafts!
    Mary recently posted…Grocery store outing… whew!My Profile

  3. It was such fun to stop by and read more about you!
    JDaniel4’s Mom recently posted…Read.Explore.Learn.- Balancing Your Wants and Those of OthersMy Profile

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