CelsyaLife is an online software that empowers patients and care givers to take control of their healthcare. Users will be able to create a personal health profile that tracks their vitals, medications, allergies, and health records. Medication alerts can be set up via text message, as well as tracking vitals through their proprietary Text-To-Track system. Information can be shared with family, physicians, and caregivers to ensure communication between those who care about and for you is accurate and consistent.

Here’s some important info about CelysaLife:

· IT’S FREE!! Completely free! Readers can create their profiles and use the features within the system for free.

· EMERGENCIES! In case of an emergency, CelsyaLife users will have an ID Card in their wallets with a code. EMTs and doctors can pull up their medical records using that code from anywhere in the world. Which means EMTs and Doctors can assist patients in need faster because no matter where they are, the patients medical history is available saving them from medical accidents.

· MEDICATION REMINDERS! CelsyaLife users can set up reminders so that they are notified when to take their medications. Not only that, if the user has to remember the medications they are on, they can text the system “Celsya Meds” and Celsya will reply with a list of their medications with dosages.

· ONE STOP SHOP! CelsyaLife is full of features (and even more features to come) that empower patients and caregivers to take control of their healthcare.

I’ve been using this software since it launched in October and it is amazing. Aside from being able to keep track of your medication, you can also record your blood pressure, glucose level, weight and heart rate.  There is also an area to keep track of your basic information: insurance, allergies, current medications. Basically, this site is like the gigantic questionnaire that you fill out every time you go to the doctor, except now it’s already filled out. Amazing, right? I know when my kids had their febrile seizures that last thing I could do was fill out those forms, so how easy would it have been to have all of the info pull up?

Aside from using CelsyaLife for yourself, you can set it up for anyone in your family. If you are a primary caretaker for a family member (for example your parents) this is an amazing site that can help you keep all of their information in one location and allows you to easily update the information.

Head over to CelsyaLife to set up accounts for your family for free today.

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