Sanity Saving Tips

Don’t Bite Me

By Elizabeth Lyons For toddlers, more often than not, biting, hitting, or jumping on top of a sibling is not so much a deliberate act of aggression as it is a result of a toddler's inability to express his needs and frustrations. If you did not have words to tell …

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It’s Mine: When Twins Argue Over Toys

  by Elizabeth Lyons Kids fight over toys. Period. This pastime is in no way exclusively limited to twins. However, having two children of precisely the same age in the house can pose a challenge that might not be present with a six-year-old and a one-year-old running around. When our …

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Company’s Coming: Liquor or Scrubbing Bubbles

by Lisa Earle McLeod Isn't it amazing how much your eyesight improves right before you have houseguests? There you are, happily living your life just fine among the piles of dirty laundry, heaps of clutter and assorted smudgy glasses. And then, for some crazy reason, you schedule houseguests and suddenly …

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Welcome to the all new Multiples and More! I cannot tell you how excited I am that this site is finally up and running, this has been a labor of love (possibly a few headaches?) for myself, Brad of 4Tunate Design and Erica of Erica Says. This site is so …

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