American Diabetes Association Alert Day

There are 25.8 million people (children and adults) in the United States, or 8.3% of the population, who have diabetes.  Based on recently announced diagnostic criteria for gestational diabetes, it is estimated that gestational diabetes affects 18% of pregnancies.  In those under the age of 20, 1 in 400 have …

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How to Shop a Sale

In honor of my birthday next week, I plan to take the day off and do something I adore—shop. Armed with coupons and cash, I’ll hit the department stores in search of something spectacular. Will I be eyeing swimsuits and sandals now that spring is practically here? No, no. I’m …

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Spender? Or Saver?

Do you ever get sick of hearing your children repeat the words "I gotta have that" or "I wanna get that" over and over and over? Yeah...thought so.  We all do. I think we all tire of having to fight the "I want that" battle every time we enter a …

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Ultimate Guide to Twins

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