Encouraging Positive Interaction

A topic that everyone seemed to want to see discussed was how to encourage positive interaction amongst their multiples. I was really excited to see that I was not the only one that wanted more information on the topic (read: I was excited that I wasn't the only one having …

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Chiquita Mom Giveaway!

This is my second Chiquita Mom post, I did one on my personal blog at the beginning of the month and shared a recipe for yummy banana pancakes. Today I'm going to share another banana recipe and talk a little about bananas. My kiddos love bananas since they started solids. …

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Expert Post: Joan Friedman

SEPARATION NOT SEVERANCE I feel compelled to write because I am outraged, saddened, but not surprised about society’s disingenuous beliefs about the “twin mystique”. A recent experience recounted by an acquaintance of mine has riled my discontent . A conscientious and psychologically sophisticated mom of four-year-old twins decided to separate …

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Tips for Getting Kids out of a Food Rut

  My kids have always been strange eaters, and I say strange in the most loving of ways. I cannot get them to eat pasta to save my life. I've tried every type of noodle you can imagine and every sauce to boot. For a while they liked whole wheat …

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Discipline Tips for Multiples

Something I have noticed since I became a MoM is that there is no one way to do anything in regards to parenting. Just because something works for one family it does not mean it will wok for yours. Even within the same household something could work for one child …

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