Welcome to the all new Multiples and More! I cannot tell you how excited I am that this site is finally up and running, this has been a labor of love (possibly a few headaches?) for myself, Brad of 4Tunate Design and Erica of Erica Says. This site is so …

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In-Laws, Out-Laws, and the Triangle of Truth

by Lisa Earle McLeod  The pressure may be subtle or it might be full-on war, but there's hardly anyone alive who hasn't felt judged and critiqued by their in-laws. Whether it's your father-in-law suggesting that being a freelance designer isn't a "real career" or your mother-in-law giving you lessons on …

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Twinguistics from The KidDictionary

TWINGUISTICSBy Eric RuhalterOddly enough there are no words to describe a great many of the situations and ideas that pertain to living your life in the company of children. So parents are forced to give long drawn out descriptions of the circumstances they encounter in order to explain that which …

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