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Spender? Or Saver?

Do you ever get sick of hearing your children repeat the words "I gotta have that" or "I wanna get that" over and over and over? Yeah...thought so.  We all do. I think we all tire of having to fight the "I want that" battle every time we enter a …

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Moneywise MoM: Plan Ahead for the Holidays


*Gina is stuck in the mess from Hurricane Sandy, so we are rerunning her post from last November* It's time! Get into the spirit and start thinking about the holidays, everything from cooking to entertaining to gift shopping to cards. Yikes! Take a little time to plan ahead for the …

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Moneywise MoM: How to Save on Lego

SavE on lego

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, are you already thinking about toy shopping? I like to start watching prices early so that I know I'm getting the best deal. When you know what "regular" price is for your big-ticket purchases, you'll know when a sale price is worth it. One …

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Finding Summer Fun Around Town

Summer is upon us, and while it's great having the kids at home, it won't take long before you hear, "Mom, I'm bored!" With a little planning, you can fill your calendar with FREE and low-cost family activities around town. Here are a few suggestions: Museum VisitsCheck the websites of …

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Moneywise MoM: Frugal Ways to Get “Me Time”

Ikea Smaland

Finding "me time" is hard for most moms, but I found it especially difficult when my twins were infants and toddlers (remember I also had an older child). Seemed like I couldn't leave them with anyone--most friends, family and sitters I tried were overwhelmed--which was how I felt most of …

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Moneywise MoM: Go Green to Save Green

Are you making an effort to be more "green" at home? Anytime you go green, you can save green--meaning money in your budget! Even with young children and the busy-ness of life with multiples (and more), there are some simple changes you can make to your lifestyle. You'll see a …

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