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People Like Us

Scott and I had a chance to check out Dreamworks Pictures latest film, "People Like Us", starring Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, Olivia Wilde, and Michelle Pfieffer. Here's a brief synopsis of the film: From DreamWorks Pictures comes “People Like Us,” a drama/comedy about family, inspired by true events, starring Chris …

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Last Thursday we had an opportunity to go see Disney/Pixar's latest film "Brave". I have been excited about this film since I saw the first preview over a year ago. I love that this is Pixar's first film based upon a leading lady and that there are triplets in the …

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Go! Go! Sports Girls

Imagine browsing the store for toys with your 9-year-old daughter, and she picks up a doll wearing a half shirt, belly ring and eye shadow. "Mommy, is this doll for me to play with?" she asks. That's what happened to Jodi Nogaard, and it inspired her to create the Go! …

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Team Umizoomi: Umigames

Join Milli, Geo and Bot on four sports-themed math adventures in Team Umizoomi: Umigames. Preschoolers will learn many math skills, including counting, patterns, measurement, and more! Get in the Olympic spirit and don’t miss out on the Umi Team’s latest all new DVD. Team Umizoomi features a tiny team of …

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Boar’s Head Bold

With summer upon us the last thing I want to do at lunch time, you know that time when the sun is at its peak, is heat up the oven or stove.  I'm a big believer in sandwiches and wraps in the summer, and my favorite meat and cheese from …

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