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Friday Sponsor Spotlight: Modbe Clothing

New Here? Click here to learn how to join our community!Don't forget to enter our Blog2Print Giveaway for a free blog book!*************************************************************************************Sponsor Spotlight: Modbe ClothingI have come to the conclusion that there are few things in life that I enjoy less than swimsuit shopping… and let’s just say that I …

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Product Review and Giveaway: Blog2Print Blog Books!

New Here? Click Here to find out how to join our community!Do you have gently used childrens' items to buy, sell or swap? Click here to check out our BUY SELL and SWAP SPOT!**********************************************************************************Being a parent of multiples is synonymous with being an extremely busy person. Which means we most …

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Sponsor Spotlight (and Giveaway!): Aunt LaLa’s Log

New here? Click HERE to learn about our community!Have a comment, question, or idea for us? Send it our way at multiplesandmoreblog@yahoo.comThe winner of our Bondi Band giveaway is SLM! Congrats, and email us your address so we can get your awesome Bondi Bands in the mail to you!************************************************************************************This week's …

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Product Review & Giveaway: Bondi Band

New Here? Click Here to find out how to join our community!The winner of Monday's giveaway of the "I Sleep at Red Lights" is Mary Dunbar! Congratulations, Mary! Send us an email and we'll get your book in the mail! Click here to see our interview with author Bruce Stockler.What …

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Babyproofing Your Marriage Review and Giveaway!

New here? Click HERE to learn about how you can join our community.Only a few days left to enter the Cutest Multiples Contest! Be sure to get your entries in! Have a cute Mother's Day story or photo? Send it to us and be featured on Mother's Day!***************************************************************************************Hey all, Amanda …

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