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Our Issues with Weight

With all the talk about childhood obesity you would never know that there are parents out there who actually need to put weight on their kids and I am one of them. This past winter my kids stopped gaining weight and started losing weight. They had one stomach virus after …

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When Your Child Has Epilepsy

Image Credit: Epilepsy Foundation The severity of symptoms in children with epilepsy can range from a brief, unprovoked period of staring to severe, long-lasting convulsions involving the whole body. A diagnosis of epilepsy in children can be treated through anti-seizure drugs, dietary changes and in rare instances when other approaches …

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How I Really Cope With Twins

I posted last month about what replies I'd like to give to the silly questions about having twins. One question isn't actually that silly and that's: how doyou cope with twins. When Molly was born there was a set of twins at our postnatal group and I remember wondering how …

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Why use organic baby goods?

The skin is the largest organ of the body and naturally what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. A baby’s new skin is much more sensitive and thinner than adults and their developing bodies are more susceptible to chemicals in non-organic products and residues of chemicals …

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An Open Letter from Author Paris Morris

Thanks Amanda, for loaning me your Blog to write a quick note of thanks to the My Friend Paris fans. It’s hard for me to believe that six years have gone by since I first started writing “I’m Having Twins”. When I told my dad that I wanted to write …

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Into the Wide Blue Yonder

My twin boys, Cannon and Carson, were diagnosed with autism five years ago– just one month before World Autism Awareness Day came into being. I mention this to give you some idea of all the growing pains my family has gone through, along with the rest of the Autism Community. …

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