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Wait a minute, did I just say duct-tape?

It's that wonderful time of day again, an exhausting yet exciting time that we look forward to from the moment we awake in the morning. Yes, it's bedtime. Time to gather any remaining energy you have left from your busy day into chasing, tackling, lotioning dressing, and duct-taping your children. …

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When Does It Get Easier?

It’s one of the top questions moms of twins ask during that intense first year. I’ve been stopped at the mall more than once by an exhausted, harried mom with a double stroller, and asked this very question. If you’ve asked this question yourself, you can probably guess what my response has been. “It …

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Momma Bird

My family recently watched a mother bird build her nest from scratch. We watched her lay her eggs. We watched them hatch and learn to fly. We witnessed the dynamics of what a Mother bird does for her young. She didn’t sit in the nest with them day in and …

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