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The Christmas Jar

This weekend we started our second annual Christmas Jar. I first heard of Christmas Jars last year from Tasha, a fellow twin mom and blogger. She uses the jars to keep Christmas centered on making memories as a family. With our boy/girl twins only being 18 months old last year, …

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Swedish Lucia

Imagine early morning before sunrise when all is dark. All of a sudden, there is a faint singing in the distance and the doorway is lit up by a woman in a long white gown, wearing a wreath with candles on her head. Lucia, her maidens, and the “star boys” …

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Christmas Traditions

For the month of December all of the guest posts featured on here will be about holiday traditions. In our house we have a Christmas Eve tradition of going to the children's mass and then opening one present before bed. The present that we open is always pajamas for us …

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Things you never wanna hear….

We've all been there...that mad dash to the bathroom when you leave your kids unattended for what feels like an eternity, but is, in reality, about 5 seconds. My kids are kind of over achievers and while other kids may get into some trouble while their mom is gone- my …

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