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Guest Blogger: Melissa A. on Sleep Deprivation

This week's guest blogger is Melissa, of Bumblebee Grace! Amazingly, from the trenches of taking care of newborn multiples, she has emerged to give our expecting moms a taste of what those first few weeks (ok, months) are like, and to take the rest of us on a little trip …

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Guest post: Kristen of Ladybug Blessings

This week's guest post was written by Kristen, of Ladybug Blessings. Kristen is not a mom of multiples.. she is a multiple! Being a triplet is really one of those things in life that you cannot always describe. People are always asking, “what is it like being a triplet?” and …

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Guest Blogger: Grandma Party

Grandbabies – there’s nothing better. I was so excited when Nicole told me that she and Wil were going to try to have a baby. The method they were going to use was in vitro. I basically knew what that was, but it would be a whole new process for …

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Guest Blogger: Sarah Valente

You Promised to Love Me in Sickness, Remember? When Papa Bear and I got pregnant the first time, we had been married for one year and two months. We had spent very little time together (we didn't live together for the first year of our marriage); and, in all honesty, …

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Guest Blogger: Helene Slutsky on Kids Activities

Some times just getting everyone fed and dressed is an adventure. To maximize the waking hours with toddlers you have to keep them engaged and busy or face the wrath of fighting, bickering, whining and the like. My solution is the field trip. Just pack them up and move them …

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