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Guest Blogger: Helen of Three Times the Giggles

Marriage EnrichmentSeveral months ago Nick added a new line item to our monthly budget. The line item reads "Marriage Enrichment". The amount designated? $10. It's a cheesy title and not much money, I know, but stay with me for a minute.When we were just a couple of DINKs (double income …

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Guest Blogger: Dan of Sax & Sons

Advice for parents of triplets, vol. 1 by Dan S. of Sax & Sons Greetings – I am honored to be asked to share this recent blog post of mine, and glad to be initiated into this great community of multiples and their folks! My sons Satchel, Pablo and Levi …

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My Au Pair Experience

My Au Pair Experience If you are a parent of multiples, you probably have a little more difficulty in finding suitable childcare than most. And if you are a parent of triplets or more.. well, it’s even harder. I stayed home with my triplets for their first 2 years, and …

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Guest Blogger: Kristi of Loving 2 Miracles

When we were told our girls would soon be discharged from the NICU the nurses informed us that they would be going home on caffeine, a liquid med form, as well as an apnea/bradycardia heart monitor. Because they were so premature, 29 weeks gestation, they were having some heart rate …

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My Transition from SAHM to Working MoM

This week's guest post is from... me! Check out my triplet blog here! 3 months ago, just before my triplets 2nd birthday, I felt a certain... itch. As much as I have LOVED being with my children every day for the past two years, I just had this feeling like …

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